Import of passenger cars in Russia increased for the first time in three years

Import of passenger cars in Russia in August 2016 rose for the first time in three years, reported the Agency “AUTOSTAT”. According to him, in August, Russia imported 21.1 thousand cars, which is 5.3% more than in the same month of the previous year.

The last time the growing number of imported cars was recorded in September 2013. Since then, the imports of cars declined.

Most (8.2 thousand) in August 2016 in Russia imported cars under the Toyota brand. Compared to August last year, imports increased 3.5 times, resulting in four representative brands — Toyota RAV4, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and a Toyota Corolla — has headed a rating of the imported models.

The number of imported cars under the premium Lexus brand rose year on year from 8.6 times. Only in August 2016, Russia imported 2.9 thousand cars Lexus, while three models (LX, RX, NX) among the ten most imported.

The three most popular importers of car brands entered the German Mercedes-Benz. Compared to last year the number of imported cars declined slightly (a decrease of 3.5%, to 2.6 million), but two models (GLE-Class and the GLC-Class) also entered the top ten rankings.

According to the Association of European businesses (AEB), only in August 2016 in Russia sold about 113,75 thousand cars that on 18%, or almost 25 thousand less than in August 2015. Compared with the June-July decline of the car market accelerated markedly in July, sales of new cars in Russia declined at an annual rate of 16.6%, and in June — 12.5%. In the latest times higher than in August, the rate of decline of car sales was recorded in Russia in January 2016, then the market fell from 29.1%.