Khodorkovsky will begin to Fund investigative journalism

On Thursday, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, announced the launch of the project “Open media”, aimed at supporting startups in the field of journalism. He told about it .

Journalists and activists wanting to create your media project will be able to submit an application, which should outline the concept of their media and present the plan of organization of work.

“Open media”, for its part, is ready to organize passed the selection to minoritarijam financial support, the platform for the publication of materials and infrastructure support, in particular assistance with accounting, product promotion, and legal support for the protection of copyright and the interaction with Roskomnadzor.

These projects should have a business perspective and work to a specific audience is a self — contained part of the urban population, said the former head of Yukos.

According to Khodorkovsky, the expert Commission approve five to seven projects and spent to launch each one from 3 million to 30 million rubles. to Apply will not only journalists, but also people who previously had direct experience in this profession, including activists and public figures, said the press-Secretary of Khodorkovsky Kyle Piispanen.

“The media is an important element of civil society and should not be allowed to ruin it, or after the regime change, again, we rocking years, and they are not” — said Khodorkovsky, adding that “the country needs a reserve in this area, not the victim of the habit of compromise with the government”.

Each project will have its own editor. The edition will be small, in the state of each several people. “We give people to try to realize their idea; if you do not go, do not worry, get in the other times,” he added.

According to Khodorkovsky, he already has agreements with several teams, and in the near future they are going to get to work. The main genre of work of approved projects — investigation.

Discusses the launch of the project for investigations in the field of economy, culture, in the relationship of business with the government. A separate project will study the work of the largest sociological services.

One of the possible platforms for publication of the first texts can be an existing website of Khodorkovsky “Open Russia” if the materials will conform to the editorial policy of the publication.

Also the “Open media” will offer the participants to launch their own social media accounts. To do a site for each project — it is also one of the options, however this task is more difficult and time consuming, says Khodorkovsky. Until December, the project will work in test mode. The official launch of successful projects is scheduled for early December.

“The creation of a website requires a few months, and, before doing so, I have to be sure that this project will be successful and that the site is needed for circulation,” — said the former head of Yukos, according to which the website is not always the optimal way to deliver information.

“Open media” is not the first media project of Khodorkovsky. Previously, in addition to his personal website “Khodorkovsky.<url>, he participated in the creation of the portal “Medusa”. According to “Medusa”, Khodorkovsky, together with businessman Boris Zimin has spent on the project for $250 thousand, not agreeing on further cooperation with the leadership of the publication. In the spring of 2014 under the leadership of former Deputy chief editor of the magazine “Kommersant-Vlast Veronika Kutsyllo start the website “Open Russia”.

The choice of social networks as a platform of “Open media” are logical, because social networks are now the primary medium of information dissemination, a significant portion of people don’t even opens media sites, says head of the Department of new media journalism faculty of Moscow state University Ivan Zasursky.

Another thing is that in media it is important to have some kind of financing system, and social networks do not allow you to monetize media, he said. “Therefore, the question in this case is not about creating a media business and investment in journalism that can lead to revival and development of technology in the field of media, as well as cause the investments on the other hand”, — the expert believes.

He suggested that the launch of this project may lead another to start to be created to balance what makes Khodorkovsky. The basis of the information society is the competition for journalism is very useful, because the media market is now dead, he explained.

But now Khodorkovsky is abroad and creates projects that are non-systemic in Russia and cause the Russian authorities allergies, Zasursky believes. “It is obvious that not all will be able to take advantage of his offer for a variety of reasons”, he added.

The future of any project is determined by its concentration, its distribution, and the level and quality of engagement, says media analyst Vasily Gatov. “Since we are talking about what is not just yet to discuss even the potential success of just senseless,” he said.

Khodorkovsky understands that in the current situation to achieve something only in the long term, so plan to work on several fronts — with young politicians, nonconformists and small media in opposition, said the Deputy Director of the Center for political technologies, Alexei Makarkin. However, the fact that the former head of Yukos is abroad, significantly complicating the management of all processes, he said.

Khodorkovsky believes that the investigation and exposure of undermining the regime, as well as one of its objectives is the change of power, he is trying to use this project as a tool for this, said political analyst Igor Bunin. However, in the near future is no effect do not give because society uninteresting policy and will not be interesting at the very least a couple of years, he said.