Moscow has called the “blackmail” threat to the United States to cease cooperation on Syria

Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov, commenting on the statement of the US state Department about the possible suspension of cooperation on Syria, called its “policy of threats, blackmail.”

According to Ryabkov, this approach of Washington aims to “impose beneficial to the United States and their customers with solutions.”

“It is impossible to settle and stabilize on that basis. But love cannot be forced. We have our own approaches and their principles,” — said Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs.

On the eve of the official representative of Gosdepartamenta USA John Kirby said that us Secretary of state John Kerry in a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov threatened by the possible suspension of cooperation on Syria. Kerry said that Russia should aim to stop an offensive in Aleppo and restore the ceasefire.

While the Russian foreign Ministry following the talks, Kerry and Lavrov said that the sides discussed “the possibility to influence the situation in Aleppo in the interests of its normalization through the return to the basic principles of Russian-American agreements to promote Syrian settlement.”

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Later on 28 September at a press conference in the state Department, Kirby said that the U.S. government began discussing “undiplomatic answers” on the failure of the truce in Syria.
Agency sources later Reueters reported that the United States is considering several hard options of response to Syria. Among them — the permission to the allies in the Persian Gulf to supply the rebels more sophisticated weapons, sending a larger contingent of special operations forces of the US for training and consultation, Kurdish and Syrian rebel groups, as well as the deployment of additional U.S. and coalition air and naval forces in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea.

The toughest option — air strikes on bases of the Syrian air force, near fighting between Assad’s forces and rebels in the North of the country. This option is considered less likely due to the fact that the blows can get Russian military, said sources to Reuters.