Reuters found out about the hard options of the US response to events in Syria

Representatives of the US administration started to discuss stricter options of Washington’s response to the resumption of fighting in Aleppo, Syria, including military options for the resolution of the situation, reports Reuters with reference to sources in the US administration.

According to the Agency, the discussion was on the “working level”, and any specific proposals to US President Barack Obama presented is not.

According to sources, the failure of diplomacy over the settlement of the situation in Syria left the Obama administration no choice but to consider alternative options, most of which relate to the use of force and was reviewed earlier, but was delayed.

Among them – allow allies in the Persian Gulf to supply the rebels more sophisticated weapons. This option is considered more probable, despite the fact that previously, Obama opposed such a scenario underline the interlocutors Reuters. Another, the most rigid, – the strikes on the bases of the Syrian air force near the fighting between Assad’s forces and rebels in the North of the country. This option is considered less likely due to the fact that the blows may fall of the Russian soldiers, the sources of Agency.

Among other options under consideration – sending a larger contingent of special operations forces of the US for training and consultation, Kurdish and Syrian rebel groups, as well as the deployment of additional U.S. and coalition air and naval forces in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea.

Interlocutors stressed that before taking any of these measures, Washington will first have vyplnit “threats to Kerry and to terminate the cooperation with Russia on Syria.”

Two of the interlocutors of the Agency reported that the speed with which Syrian troops are on the offensive in Aleppo and the difficulties with the diplomatic solution of the conflict many in the Obama administration’s “caught by surprise”. They believe that if Assad’s troops beat off the city, it will deal a crushing blow to the rebels.

On Wednesday the official representative of US state Department John Kirby at a briefing confirmed that the US authorities began to discuss undiplomatic responses to the breakdown of the ceasefire in Syria. What options are being discussed, Kirby said. However, he noted that the state Department remains committed to a diplomatic resolution of the situation in Syria.