The defense Ministry reminded US about helping the militants “experts” in Aleppo

As stated by General-major Igor Konashenkov, the Russian defense Ministry “is well known where exactly and exactly how much in Syria, including in Aleppo province, is discreet professionals, dealing with operational planning and direction of operations of the militants”, said the Agency “Interfax”.

Konashenkov commented on the statement by the representative of the State Department of the USA John Kirby, who declared, that in case of continuation of the civil war in Syria, “terrorists attack Russian cities”, and “Russia continues to send military home in bags for transportation of corpses.” The official representative of the Ministry of defence decided that these words are a recognition of the fact that the entire Syrian opposition “is controlled by the Americans of the international terrorist international”.

“Not so long ago replaced the uniform of a rear Admiral in the Pentagon at the suit of the official representative of the state Department of the USA John Kirby, I’m sure, is well aware of the consequences of his statements”, — said the representative of the Ministry of defense, advised the us diplomat “not to forget about the officer’s honor”.

Until 2015 Kirby served in the U.S. Navy retiring in the rank of rear Admiral.

As for the rebels, Konashenkov questioned that in case of attempts of realization of threats of Russia and the military in Syria, “the militants are the bags and the time to bail”.

Previously, the statement of Kirby commented in the foreign Ministry. The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova took the words of a state Department employee as a command “FAS”. In turn, Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has considered the statement of Kirby’s “emotional breakdown on the background of the inability of Washington to implement the agreement on Syria”,

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov “said unconstructive rhetoric” from Washington, a statement by Kirby praised as “rather clumsy”.

In recent days, the Syrian government army is leading the operation to liberate the areas of Aleppo controlled by forces of the “moderate opposition” fighters of officially recognized terrorist groups. The attack on earth is accompanied by air attacks on the positions of opponents of President Bashar al-Assad.

On 29 September, the Syrian army managed to dislodge the militants from the Palestinian refugee camp of Handarat North of Aleppo. Fierce fighting with varying success, was carried over this district in recent days.