The Kremlin has refused to consider a “final truth” investigation into MH17

Report of the international investigation team (JIT) to investigate the crash of flight MH17 in Ukraine in the summer of 2014 cannot be considered a “final truth.” This statement was made by press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov in interview “bi-Bi-si”.

“There is nothing to accept or deny. This is a preliminary conclusion,” Peskov said in response to a question from the program host of HardTalk Stephen Sackur whether Moscow statements to investigators that “Buk”, which was hit by Boeing, was delivered to Ukraine from Russia.

“We need to continue the investigation. We have not seen any evidence. We cannot assume that they [investigators] say the final truth. I bet you haven’t seen any evidence of these claims, ” he said.

Peskov added that this issue “need to be very accurate.” “It is a heavy tragedy. And we can’t operate on unsubstantiated statements without any evidence and details”, – said the press Secretary.