VTB 24 to sell to collectors bad credits for 30 billion rubles

VTB 24 to sell to collectors bad credits for 30 billion rubles

Moscow. September 27. VTB 24 plans to the end of the year to sell to collectors bad credits for the sum of about 30 billion rubles, told in an interview with the Chairman of the Board of Bank Anatoly Pechatnikov.

“We will offer the market these loans and see what will be the price. Because we have the alternative to leave these assets and to pursue recovery independently from unbalance”, – said the Chairman of the Bank. He recalled that the Bank collaborated with collectors in two forms: selling bad debts and drew them as a collection agent.

“Now both forms are present in our activities. More than that, we until the end of the year preparing a deal (I now can’t say will be or not, it all depends on the price we will receive for the sale of bad debts. I want to see how the market reacted to the imminent entry into force of the law on the collectors. It is obvious that prices for bad debts will fall. And agent scheme will continue, I do not see how much this law could have a negative impact,” – said a top Manager.

In his opinion, the main benefit for debtors in law about collectors is that they can opt out of interaction with the lender. The law gives the debtor the right in writing to contact the lender and say that he is not ready to interact on the question of repayment of debt, any communication with either the representative or the court. And this prevents and collectors, and collection service banks to encourage the customer to voluntary repayment.

“I don’t think that the option of refusal of cooperation will have a strong impact on the market. But some of the customers will probably be to use it. If the customers will abandon the interaction, then we will go other ways that us law allowed: that is, either through the notary or through the bankruptcy of natural persons, either through petition and writ proceedings. It is important that citizens understand that the persecution of the lender is inevitable. If you borrowed it you should pay. We will recover the full and to last, that’s for sure,” said Pechatnikov.