German Gref told about the loss of income from a personal investment because of taxes

German Gref said that a year ago I invested personal money in foreign currency bonds, however, high income had not happened.

“There is a problem with taxation. All I a higher rate earned on the bond, I gave up on taxes,” complained the head of Sberbank (quoted by “Interfax”). According to him, as a result, net income from investments in bonds was about equal to the yield of deposits in the Bank.

“That is worth not worth”, — said Gref the results of their investment.

He also urged to carefully treat to be given access to tools with fixed yield non-qualified investors. Gref recalled that the state has attracted citizens to participate in the “people’s privatization”. “He was a people’s privatization. She we know what the outcome” — said the head of Sberbank.

Now individuals can buy bonds on the stock exchange, simply opening a brokerage account, but the income from these operations is subject to tax at 13%. The Ministry of Finance has developed amendments to the Tax code, which exempts citizens from paying tax on income of natural persons (personal income tax) with coupon yield on ruble-denominated corporate bonds, however, the document is still not adopted by the state Duma.

The Central Bank believes that tax incentives should cover not only bondholders, but also to those citizens who invest in debt instruments through mutual funds. “The retail investor, buying a bond does not have to pay taxes on the coupon and taxes, if he holds the bonds to maturity. The Bank of Russia asks to fill in to the same facilities used, if this bond is purchased by investors directly and through mutual Fund”, — said in early September, Director of Department of development of financial markets, the Central Bank Elena Tchaikovskaya.