Nelubina America: how Clinton and trump disappointed voters

Negative selection

The current presidential campaign in the US a special, never before candidates from the two major parties were not so unpopular among the voters of the figure, said at a meeting with a group of Russian journalists Professor at Ohio state University Paul Beck. Ohio is one of 11 States where the outcome of the campaign is not a foregone conclusion and the fight is candidates and their representatives for each voice. Negative image for the candidates here can do a lot to determine.

In the beginning of the campaign in August last year, the negative attitude towards Clinton was at 46% of those who were going to vote. A year later their number increased to 52%, showed a Gallup survey. Trump, the situation also deteriorated from 56 to 62% increase in the number of voters who don’t like it.

The trend in the country is confirmed by surveys on the ground. So, in the wavering state of new Hampshire after the first debate, the MassINC Polling Group poll showed that favorable to Clinton are 40%, negative — 51%, trump indicators worse: 32% of respondents viewed him favorably, and 61 per cent negatively.

Clinton: no warmth, and with a complex history
“She’s a liar the world level”, — likes to say about her opponent Donald trump. Clinton supported the free trade agreement NAFTA; it has removed more than 30 thousand e-mails; she said her plane landed in Bosnia under fire; U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, killed in Benghazi in 2012, had asked the protection of the Clinton-led state Department, but was denied it; she was not able to be President, because can not cope as it was not done anything for 30 years — such accusations makes the trump.

Some of them, as the American media conducted inspections of trump’s statements, really fair, Clinton did not land in Bosnia under fire, in what later confessed; she deleted even more of letter 31 thousand as Secretary of state Clinton used a private email account, although it should have been on the job to use the official account of the Department of state. When it turned out, she was forced to publish the correspondence, however, more than 31 thousand emails she deleted, saying that their contents were of a private nature, but she did not support NAFTA, and the question of security of embassies decided “on another level”.

However, some claim to Clinton’s very serious, to the conversations with her supporters and experts. One of the most common complaints about the democratic candidate — the Clintons for a very long time in power, and are tired of them: in 1992 bill Clinton was elected President and ruled until 2001, after that Clinton was twice elected to the Senate from the state of new York, and in 2009 became Secretary of state.

“The Clintons too long in power. And if we talk about Hillary, some people find it difficult to trust her, she gives them positive emotional reactions, besides she’s too tied to the political leadership,” explains Larry Sayler, an expert on political communication from Philadelphia.

There is no claim to her style of behavior. “It is not a natural politician, unlike her husband, she does not know how to approach people,” said sandy theis of the public organization ProgressOhio.

In private life she is a very spiritual man, but in public it is difficult to show this side of you, says in a lecture in Washington columnist for The New York Times Maureen Dowd.

At Clinton complex an excellent pupil, but she really had a lot to overcome in life, she started her career in a time when women everywhere took away the right to a private life, she had to be tougher, so she formed a style of behavior, explains Kerry Kennedy, activist for greater participation of women in politics from Philadelphia, recognizing that Clinton is supporting is not all women.

“The work Clinton has always and everywhere been evaluated very highly, its not like during the election campaign, but I love then, when you have to work and she does it” — to protect their candidate, the democratic activist from Philadelphia Malcolm Kenyatta. “If she were a man, she would have chosen just by acclamation [applause]” — jokes Kenyatta.

He also denies the accusations of closeness both Clinton and her campaign: the Clinton Foundation, openly publishes their donors, so that all stakeholders can check whether it will give preference to someone from the donors, if elected President. Fond of trump, reminiscent of the activist, his statements are published, as does the trump, not published his Declaration. The Washington Post, in reviewing the work of the charity Fund of trump, wrote that part of the money from it goes to the resolution of legal disputes the trump, which is illegal.

Trump: the intemperate language of the seller

Trump is a classic example of the real estate seller, he can’t be President, I’m sure Maureen Dowd. This definition is repeatedly used by his opponents. However, Republicans tend to see this as a plus. “He is an excellent negotiator and a successful businessman,” says mark Puppio, associate of trump’s party in office the Republicans in one of the counties of Pennsylvania.

Experts draw attention to the fact that for the second time in the history of the presidential candidate the person who never held any public office. However, this corresponds to the request on the new man, the violation of the status quo, explains theis.

Opponents trump also put him in the claim is lack of restraint. Trump will be extremely difficult to win the votes of women, Hispanics and African Americans because of his statements, says Professor Beck.

Trump’s campaign has repeatedly made sexist statements. “You can imagine the face of the next President of the United States. She is a woman, and I shouldn’t say bad things, but the truth is, guys. We’re serious?” — he attacked the appearance of the competitor primary for Carly Fiorina, the former President of Hewlett Packard.

“If Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, how she can meet the Americans?” another of his statements on Twitter, which caused indignation not only supporters of the candidate of the Democrats.

In early summer, trump talked about the fact that the judge Gonzalo Curiel can’t take a case against trump University because of his “Mexican heritage”.

Criticized trump for his lack of political direction and populism. Thus, the populist debate called it Clinton. Time and again the tramp changed their political views during the campaign. So, in 2015, he said that he opposes abortion, although it has consistently supported the right of women to choose from. “Yes, everything is changing slogans during the campaign, and Obama was even more populist in his first campaign,” trump defends a party member, Puppy.

However, the crisis in the Republican party remains. Just last week, former President George H. W. Bush said he supported Clinton in the election, earlier about 50 experts in the field of security, including former defense Secretary Robert gates (a Republican) signed the letter, which stated that the election trump President is dangerous for the country.

Supporters of trump and he rejected accusations of lack of experience. “You can surround yourself with knowledgeable people and to be a successful commander in chief, Obama is no military experience was not,” says Puppio.

Not getting full support from party members and the position of the trump in Russia. Matt Borges, Chairman of the Department of the Republican party in Ohio, said he does not agree with trump’s statements that the United States should think about the recognition of Russian Crimea, and with the high rating of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The position of the trump in Russia is in General a revolution in the Republican party position 180 degrees, says Maureen Dowd. Under President Ronald Reagan during the cold war, is flirting with Russia would have been unthinkable, she said.

Russia is not the only issue on which trump is at odds with the traditional agenda of the party. So, he promises in case of victory, to give women six weeks of leave to care for a child after birth. Small business it just does not pull, disagreed in an interview with one of the Republican women at the meeting trump in Chester (PA).

The Chairman of Republicans in Ohio, Borges indicates that the Republicans do not have to be in all solidarity with the candidate of the party. He also drew attention to the fact that candidates always unlike its predecessors: the agenda of the Bush was different from Reagan.

The programs of the candidates, the voters have not yet studied, this time the campaign is too focused on personalities, says Kennedy. “People are tired of politics, as well as from the current status quo,” explains theis.