Russia’s military operation in Syria has cost not less than 58 billion rubles.

Year fighting Russian HQs in Syria could cost the Russian budget almost 56 billion, according to estimates . For comparison, this is 12 times less than the approved budget of the world Championship on football in 2018.

The main items of expenditure of the Russian army in Syria, sorties of aircraft and cruise missiles. During the year, aircraft flew about 13 thousand sorties, each of which cost from 3.5 to 5.5 million rubles. The total cost of these crashes — about 50 billion rubles. Another 2.8 billion rubles, the Russian military has spent on the start-up of cruise missiles of sea and air basing. In just a 365 days campaign was launched 56 rockets of type “Gauge”.

During the campaign Russian group HQs have lost, according to official data, four pieces of equipment: the su-24 shot down Turkish air force, the Mi-8 helicopters, Mi-28N and Mi-35. The cost of lost equipment – 3.34 billion rubles.

The contents of the personnel on the basis of cost to the military Department 2.1 billion. Payments to the families of those killed in the Syrian troops made up 60 million rubles.

Officially, the value of the Russian operation in Syria in March, said President Vladimir Putin. “The military operation in Syria and demanded certain cost, but most of them are resources of the Ministry of defence. About 33 billion roubles have already been allocated in the budget of the Ministry in 2015 will be the year to exercise and combat training,” — said Putin.

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