SKR has accused “Right sector” in the planning of crimes against Russia

The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case against leaders of the Ukrainian organization “Right sector” (banned in Russia), reported on the website of the TFR. Among the defendants in the case — the founder of the “Right sector” Dmitry Yarosh and Andriy Tarasenko, Andrew Stanecki, Valery Voronov, Artem Skoropadsky. They are charged with organisation of extremist activity (part 1 of article 282.2 of the criminal code).

“It is established that educated Dmitry Yarosh in 2013, “the Right sector” took as a basis the views of radical Ukrainian nationalism, emphasized Russophobia and fascism, the goal of the organization was “providing by armed resistance to Moscow’s aggression,” and in fact, justify the use of violence for political, racial, national and religious grounds”, — stated in the message Department.

The consequence considers that the period from 2014 to present leaders and activists of “Right sector” “ongoing and systematic” planned and committed crimes aimed against Russia, its citizens and the diplomatic institutions in Ukraine, as well as “against the Russian civilian population”.

In March 2014, the SKR has accused Yarosh of the Commission of public calls to terrorist and extremist activities, committed with the use of mass media (part 2 of article 205.2 of the criminal code and part 2 of article 280 of the criminal code). The representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin then said that Yarosh publicly urges anti-Russian forces to extremist actions and terror on Russian territory. In a criminal case against Yarosh in absentia preventive measure in the form of detention, and it declared in the international search.

In November 2014, the Supreme court has recognized organization “the Right sector”, which was then headed by Yarosh, the extremist and banned it in Russia.

At the end of December 2015 Yarosh announced the release of “Right sector” and the intention to create a new movement, less radical orientation.