The son of Prosecutor General Chaika has denied involvement in changing the name of the building at the

Sons of Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, Artem and Igor have learned to change their names on encoding ЛСДУ3 and ЙФЯУ9 in the statement of Federal registration service on their owned objects from the media. About it Igor Chaika told RNS. The son of the Prosecutor General’s office confirmed that the property, which was entered in the register under the encoding, belongs to him and his brother. “In my opinion, Yes,” he said.

According to Igor Chaika, he “could not understand what it is” and “laughed”. “My brother and I corresponded for a very long time that someone called” — he added.Chaika said that he did not know how their names were changed to encoding. According to him, he had nothing to replace the names in the registry.

“I found out about this… my friend sent the link to the news in some newspaper where it was written, so I just learned about this from the media,” he said, adding that the investigation into the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) about your business “brand” is not considered harassment.

That the names of the sons of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika was hidden behind the code with statements on real estate, in June of this year, said founder FBK Alexei Navalny. On the suburban estate of the family of Yuri Chaika, the Fund said in December 2015, the investigation dedicated to the business of the family attorney General. In documents from 2015 as her owners were listed Igor Yurievich Chaika Artem Yurievich Chaika, full namesake sons of the public Prosecutor. In more recent statements to the same objects instead of names were specified ciphers is Artem Chaika — “ЛСДУ3”, and instead of Igor Chaika — “ЙФЯУ9”.

Later the Foundation sued the service, accusing him of concealing information in connection with the disappearance of the base names of the sons of the public Prosecutor. But Tagansky court in July suspended the consideration of the claim. The court granted the petition of the representative of the Federal registration service, which demanded an end to the process due to the fact that the plaintiffs rights were not violated, and they are not directly interested in the case.

In August it became known that the Federal registration service has completely disappeared information about the owners of the houses previously was of the sons of the Prosecutor General Artem and Igor Gulls.

Informed about the business of Igor Chaika in their investigations told . In August last year found out that two fifteen-year contract for garbage collection in districts for a total amount of 42.6 billion rubles went to the firm that can control Igor Chaika. In another investigation , dedicated to the repair of roads in Moscow, said that close to Igor Chaika the company “Baltstroykomplekt (BSK) won the tender for the design of streets Malaya and Bolshaya Bronnaya.