Media reported that Kadyrov’s appeal “to shoot violators of the peace”

According to “Novaya Gazeta”, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov called on “those who are in the Chechen Republic, disturbing the peace, shot to hell”. The publication refers to the entry with the application of a person whose voice is like the voice of Kadyrov, which is available on online Soundcloud. Officially the authenticity of this statement has not been confirmed.

According to the newspaper, on Tuesday, September 27, at seven o’clock evening news on the TV channel “Grozny” aired a story about Kadyrov’s meeting with the local security forces, officials and clergy. The theme of the meeting was combating the high death rate on the roads and “tablet” drug addiction drastically increased in the country after the ban on the sale of alcohol, according to “New”.

In this story Kadyrov, the newspaper notes, compare drunk drivers with “bombers, which have a mine on the belt” and quoted a state of intoxication or under the influence of narcotics violators of traffic rules.

The number of such offenders has been steadily increasing, despite the most rigid methods of struggle against this phenomenon, writes, “New”, according to which in August, 2015 Kadyrov’s orders to deprive the offenders “is not even a right but a car.” Subsequently, the newspaper specifies, the machine began to take not only for traffic violations, and even failure to pay utility bills. “But the tangible results as there was no and no. SDA in Chechnya fatalities occur almost every day, the number of drug addicts is also not falling (only two days police raids caught 700 people)”, — writes the edition.

According to the “New” in the report shown by the television channel “Grozny”, “clearly visible, as Kadyrov, outlining this sad situation, gradually burn”. “Those who are in the Chechen Republic, disturbing the peace, shot to hell. Nothing matters — the law, not the law… Shoot! Understand? Assalamu alaikum and there is no problem! That is the law!” — quoted audio recording of “the New newspaper. The administration of the head of Chechnya at the moment has not commented on the report.

The newspaper says that in the ten o’clock evening news this statement has not sounded.

The “new” asks Prosecutor General Yury Chaika and the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin to evaluate from the point of view of the law of Kadyrov’s statements and to take appropriate response measures. In addition, the newspaper drew attention to the information of President Vladimir Putin and interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, asking him to consider it a formal request.