Siluanov said about consistently passed a “shock” for the budget years

Russia consistently has passed through a difficult economic period, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at the seminar for the deputies of the state Duma.

“The last two years was a shock for the budget. We are faced with a sharp reduction in the inflow of foreign exchange, compression balance during the period. If you look at what period it happened: when the USSR collapsed (oil prices fell), at the end of the last century, when there was the devaluation and the financial crisis”, — said the Minister (quoted by TASS).

Siluanov said that “this time” the country has passed a difficult period of “more-less stable”. He explained that the stability during the crisis due to the accumulation of “margin of safety” in the form of reserves over the last decade.

“He said that the Ministry of Finance saves a jug, why he invests in the assets of foreign States, it would be better in their invested… But the correctness of the policy, which was carried out proved”, — he stressed.