The Chinese yuan has become part of the currency basket of the IMF

As stated in the press release, the IMF, the Chinese yuan has become the fifth currency included in the basket. From 1 October it consists of 0,58252 the U.S. dollar, the Euro 0,38671, 1,0174 yuan, 11.9 yen, 0,085946 pound.

The percentage ratio of the currencies in the basket was the following: USD – old 41,73%, EUR 30,93%, and the yuan – 10,92%, yen – 8,33%, pound sterling – of 8.09%. While the percentage of the currencies in the basket may vary depending on fluctuations in their rates.

The cost included in the basket of currencies adjusted their courses one gets the current quote of its own unit of account IMF — the so-called special drawing rights (SDR).