The defense Ministry has adjusted the rules of military conscription

Head of recruitment and training of citizens for military service the main organizational-mobilization Directorate of the General staff of Russia Colonel Alexey Knyazev has told on air of “echo of Moscow” that the defense Ministry has adjusted the rules of conscription for military service. Basically the changes will affect the procedure for obtaining deferments and military service, the Colonel said.

According to him, from 1 January 2017, students of technical schools and colleges will receive a deferment for the duration of the study. Now, if they go to these schools after grade 9, you get a reprieve before reaching the age of 20, and if received after the 11th grade, you get a delay only in the case if you reach military age in the last year of study.

The new rules will toughen requirements to the mental health of the recruits, said the officer of the General staff. Moreover, these changes will come into force with effect from that call, which was launched in Russia on 1 October. According to the Colonel, the doctors will assess the susceptibility of recruits to deviant behavior, the military Commissariat has already been sent, appropriate methods.

Medical specialists will also have the right to send the recruit on the re-examination. As explained by the Prince, “it is necessary to exclude the possibility of a mentally ill young men for military service,” — said Knyazev.

The General staff had previously announced that with effect from that call tougher requirements to health of recruits, but the details are not specified.

As part of the autumn conscription, the General staff is planning to call for service in the army 152 thousand. The spring was called 155 thousand, 3.2 thousand people, according to the General staff, evaded military service.