Belarus to raise tariffs for the transit of Russian oil

Belarus raises tariffs for Russian oil transit. This follows from the decision of the Ministry of Antimonopoly regulation and trade in Belarus, published on 1 October at the national portal of legal information.

The document says that transporting oil through the pipeline Unecha (Vysokoye) – Adamova Zastava is set at 400,98 rubles per ton without VAT. Transportation of ton of oil on the route Unecha (Vysokoye) — Brody will be now 172,23 RUB the Cost of oil transportation in the direction of Nevel (Velikie Luki) – Polotsk — High rise to 48,47 rubles per ton.

The resolution noted that the new tariffs will enter into force 10 days after official publication.

The last time the tariffs for transportation of Russian oil through the territory of Belarus were increased on 1 February 2016. Since the cost of oil transportation through the territory of Belarus to cost Russia in the area Unecha (High) — Adam Zastava in 267,32 rubles per ton without VAT, on the route Unecha (Vysokoye) — Brody — in 114,82 RUB./ton, on the route Nevel (Velikie Luki) — Polotsk — High — 32.31 rubles per ton.

Meanwhile, Minsk and Moscow continue talks on price of Russian gas. Belarus wants Russia discount on gas, calling the fair price of $73 per 1 thousand cubic meters on 20 September President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko criticized Russia for its unwillingness to reduce the price of gas. Last Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich told reporters that the talks on gas price with Belarus will be held in the beginning of next week. Talking about the discount not going, he said.