The chamber complained of “SKOLKOVO” in the Prosecutor General’s office

The chamber complained of “SKOLKOVO” in the Prosecutor General’s office

The audit chamber has published the full text of the report on the audit of the innovation center “SKOLKOVO”, which was held in conjunction with the FSB from November 2015 to June 2016. According to the results of inspection of audit chamber asked the Prosecutor General’s office, said in the annotation to the document. Appeal to the Prosecutor General sent, if the auditors see a violation of the law during inspections, said the source in the chamber. The Prosecutor’s office sent a representation to the President of Fund “SKOLKOVO” on the facts of the unreasonable spending of grants to individual participants of the project, reported the press service of the accounting chamber in response to the request , but other claims are not filed.

Checking accounts chamber covered the period from 2013 to 2015. During this time, the Federal budget spent on the project to 58.6 billion rubles, and budget subsidies accounted for the lion’s share of the income of the Fund “SKOLKOVO” — about 78%, although by law, the Fund must live mainly on their own funds, indicate the auditors. Another 5.7 billion rubles (nearly 7% of income) “SKOLKOVO” has received from placing of budget money on Bank accounts. Private operations has brought the Fund only 4.5% of income.

Gosdeneg more than you need

“SKOLKOVO” has always received from the budget more than he needed: for example, for 2013 the Fund has spent 2 billion rubles less than the balance that was on its accounts in the beginning of 2013 (23 billion rubles), it is clear from the report of the accounting chamber. However, in the same year the Foundation received more budget of 13.5 billion rubles In 2014, the budget financing of SKOLKOVO was 41.2 billion rubles at a cost of 22 billion rubles, and in 2015 — 38,6 billion roubles at a cost of 22 billion rubles. Liability for unjustified grants of “SKOLKOVO” the chamber imposes on the Ministry of Finance, which is “performed improperly monitoring function in respect of the Fund.

In the project “SKOLKOVO” is invested not only budget funds and extrabudgetary incomes of Fund “SKOLKOVO”, but also private investment, argues senior Vice President for external communications and advertising, SKOLKOVO Foundation Alexander Chernov. So, at the end of 2015, investors are obliged to invest 86 billion rubles in infrastructure of the project, and the funding investors shall not be less than 170,8 billion rubles, he said .

The Ministry of Finance, in the opinion of the auditors, also violated the law on budget for 2016 to allow SKOLKOVO to return to the Treasury of 658 million rubles transferred in foreign currency. About what SKOLKOVO do not need to repay located in currency Bank accounts, budget money, in particular, was stated in the letter of the Director of the Department of budget methodology of the Ministry of Finance Sergey Romanov, quoted by the chamber. The same position and the Deputy Minister of Finance Andrey Ivanov, the audit says. The Ministry of Finance on the request is not answered.

The Fund received interest on the balances on its current account in accordance with the law, confirmed the “SKOLKOVO” . All of this income taxes paid, deliberately no operations budget money for the sake of obtaining income, the Fund did not commit, the message of the Foundation. Revenues directed to the development of the project and helped the Fund to minimize the impact of inflation in the construction of its infrastructure, and explains the “SKOLKOVO”. Part of the budget subsidies were translated into foreign currency for current settlements with foreign counterparties; SKOLKOVO was ready to return to the budget the money in 2016 along with the ruble remains a subsidy, but this proved impossible — the Federal Treasury serves only ruble accounts, explained the Fund .

Indicative Savings Bank

According to reports, the “SKOLKOVO” significantly exceeds many of the performance indicators, but to objectively assess the achievements of the Fund cannot, as methodology for determining targets of the project, the Ministry of Finance approved only in December 2015, indicates the chamber. In addition, one of the performance indicators — revenue companies participating in the project — 40% formed at the expense of one such party, subsidiaries of Sberbank, ZAO “Sberbank Technology”, cite the example of the auditors. The revenue of this company amounted to 32.2 billion rubles., but all of its technological solutions is only for Sberbank, noted in the report. Another 37.2 per cent of revenue accounted for 36 of the participants of the project (SKOLKOVO participate 1432 of the company), but six of them among the activities not on research, although participation in the project “SKOLKOVO” it provides.

In General, there is a risk of lack of communication between sales and development activities of several participants of the “SKOLKOVO”, according to the auditors. As an example they cite the company “of mirriko Service” which was announced as a developer of technology that facilitates the transportation of oil, although these products are manufactured and sold in 2010.

11 of the 36 companies showing the highest revenue (more than 100 million rubles.), belong to organizations registered in offshore zones in Cyprus and the British virgin Islands, found the auditors. To assess the real scale of withdrawal of funds through these companies, the auditors found it difficult.

Participants of the project “SKOLKOVO” will receive the benefits on payment of customs duties and preferential treatment in taxation, reminiscent of the chamber. How much it loses the budget, never was not significantly estimated. The Federal tax service estimate forgone budget amounts from land tax (2.4 million RUB in 2013, 431 mln. in 2014) and tax on property of organizations (36 million and 62 million rubles, respectively). The Fund has estimated the amount of benefits under tax on profit of organizations (909 mln in 2014 and 958 mln in 2015) and insurance premiums — 1.8 billion rubles.

Prosecutors are dosledstvennaja check against participants of the SKOLKOVO project — “Organic lighting solutions, LLC “Pharma Bio” on the facts of the unreasonable spending of grants, know the representative of the chamber. The state office of public Prosecutor has directed representation to the President of Fund “SKOLKOVO” in connection with these facts. Managing company “SKOLKOVO” too long did not take a decision on early withdrawal of status of the project participants against the violators of the rules, which also broke the law about “SKOLKOVO”, said the Prosecutor General. Consideration of the submission and inspections control of itself the Prosecutor General’s office and the Prosecutor’s office of Moscow and St. Petersburg, it is told in the message of audit chamber.

MA does not help

For three years, “SKOLKOVO” has spent nearly 12 billion by the creation of a “SKOLKOVO” engineering Institute of a new type. Almost $95 million of the money received Massachusetsky Institute of technology (MIT), which is involved in creating SKOLKOVO tech, said the chamber. Directly on the Sktech MIT was supposed to send $50,7 million, and $44 million to its own development. The objective of MTI is to advise Skoltech on the most important organizational issues and to assist in the selection of personnel and participate in the training of students. The number of students in “Skoltech” in 2015, was only 315 people (90% of the plan), the budget expenditures for the University are comparable to spending on other Federal universities where number of students is a multiple of more than, say auditors.

Compare Sktech with other universities wrong: there is no institution, the undergraduate program, but only graduate and postgraduate studies in which the costs for students above, considers “SKOLKOVO”. In addition, the Institute is at an early stage of development and requires capital spending, reminiscent of Alexander Chernov.

Grants for your

One of the tasks of SKOLKOVO grant support for research projects. For three years the Fund spent to 4.8 billion rubles or 7.4 percent of the total amount of their costs by subsidies from the Federal budget. 43 RUB million cost of the remuneration of the members of the grant Committee should not consist of more than half of the members of the Fund. Another 309 million rubles to the experts who evaluate the projects.

According to the rules of both experts and members of the grant Committee must abandon the work, if are interested persons, including in relation to the grantees. Interested in project entities was almost 60% of the 1188 of experts and 30% of the 15 members of the grant Committee, says the chamber.

The number of grantees auditors called the Center of innovation Natalia Kasperskaya, which was part of the grant Committee, but this matter has not voted. The Kaspersky company has received a grant of 50 million rubles for the creation of a “universal platform for analysis, management and control of information in the modern information space”, the report says audit chamber.

Innovation center “SKOLKOVO”

Photo: Alexander Miridonov/Kommersant

Kasperskaya has confirmed the receipt of a grant from “SKOLKOVO”. This, according to her, is about creating a system leak protection for mobile phones. Violations of the rules in the allocation of grants had been committed, according to the interviewee : member of the grants Committee is permitted to declare interest in the project, and in this case he is not allowed to vote and cannot review materials related thereto. Comparing the procedure, accepted in “SKOLKOVO”, with the traditions of other grant committees that participated, Kaspersky considers this one of the most transparent. The chamber believes otherwise: “the selection of the recipient of the grant does not allow to exclude the possibility of preferential obtaining of the grant by companies associated with members of the grant Committee. One day with the Kaspersky, in June 2015, with grants of 30 million and 49.6 million rubles to two more companies close to the two members of the grant Committee of SKOLKOVO, to the report of the accounting chamber.

Of the 344 projects considered by the grant Committee of SKOLKOVO in 2013-2015, only in 18 cases the members of the Committee refused to vote, and only two of these cases, they were the beneficiaries applying for grants of the projects, said “SKOLKOVO” . “The procedure of examination and grant excludes the adoption of the interested person participation in the decision in favor of its affiliates, or solution of conflict of interests”, — convinced the Fund. No evidence of the use of influence by members of the Committee is not established, the report says “SKOLKOVO”.

The Prosecutor General’s office claims the procedure for the allocation of grants is not, follows from the response of the accounting chamber on the request . Managing company “SKOLKOVO” created a tiered system of checking the validity of incoming applications for grant funds concerning the treatment of projects received positive conclusions of experts, and harmonization of units the management company, prosecutors said in the court of auditors.

Pay more grants

333 salaries of employees of “SKOLKOVO” took nearly two times more budget money than 287 grants — 8.9 billion RUB (that’s 13.7% of all expenses of the Fund at the expense of budget subsidies in 2013-2015), auditors noted. In 2015 the average salary in the Fund was more than 468 thousand rubles at 13.8 times higher than the national average (33.8 thousand rubles.) and 5.3 times above the average salary in Moscow (88,6 thousand rubles).

Ten foreign employees of a subsidiary of SKOLKOVO, responsible for the construction of the center (“ODPS SKOLKOVO”), had a special preference, in particular, the Director of this company every month to pay the rent (for 200 thousand and 300 thousand rubles in 2013), services, tickets for personal travel (not more than four times a month, in the amount of 3.2 million rubles), etc.

The total amount of such payments to foreign workers for three years, the chamber has estimated in 21,4 million rubles After verification of the contracts with foreign employees was slightly adjusted, to the report of the auditors.

Comparison of costs for salaries and grants is incorrect — the Fund has never positioned itself exclusively as a donor, said “SKOLKOVO” . While the working conditions Fund is often inferior to the state-owned corporations and state-owned companies, said “SKOLKOVO”, that his key staff are often attracted to other employers in the Fund tightened control over the employees, there is no expenditure on official vehicles are almost completely excluded flights in business class and are not paid representation expenses.

Everyday miracles

Part of the cost of “SKOLKOVO” the chamber has considered unfounded. In particular, the questions of the auditors called the contract of the Foundation with Russian law-making society, which wrote a draft of the rules of functioning of the “SKOLKOVO”. The project cost the Fund almost 12 million roubles — on 40, 3 thousand RUB. for one page, estimated by the auditors. Foundation specialists had the necessary knowledge, to make the document their own, said the Fund’s auditors. While developed according to contract rules formed the basis of the final document — the project was modified in the negotiation process, noted the auditors.

In September 2014 “SKOLKOVO” has signed the contract for the “synergetic organizational diagnosis,” with “Adizes Institute”. Researchers diagnosed SKOLKOVO “rapid premature aging and the rapid transition to the stage of “late aristocracy”. The reason for the incident is named frequent inspections and investigations that gave rise to the company’s employees a sense of fear and unwillingness to take responsibility. Auditors doubt that the survey, which cost 1.9 million rubles., brought the “SKOLKOVO” benefits.

31 Dec 2012 the “SKOLKOVO” took the video “Everyday miracles.” A total of 54.2 million rubles. the Fund received one 60-second clip, three clips of 30 seconds — “rainbow”, “Sheet” and “Crystal”, and three ten second teaser of the same name. The source material on which one could judge the real costs of authors to work, the auditors did not provide. not managed to find these videos in the public domain.

The work of “Adizes Institute” was useful to the Fund, assured Alexander Chernov. Given auditors fragments taken out of context of the report and can create the wrong idea about its content, he said . Besides, SKOLKOVO is not the only one who have used the services of the Institute: his clients include Sberbank and “SIBUR”. As for videos, the Foundation conducted an official investigation in connection with the remarks of the accounting chamber of violations of the law is not established. Said work — an intangible asset for accounting it is important only that the Foundation had rights, but they received told in the report of the Fund on request .

With the participation of Irina Parfentyeva