The Prosecutor of the Chechen Republic has explained the words of Kadyrov about “execution of the violators of peace”

The Chechnya Prosecutor Sharpuddi Abdul-Kadyrov has declared “to Interfax” by phone that the call of Ramzan Kadyrov, which had been reported by “Novaya Gazeta”, was taken out of context, and “this technique always gives rise to different interpretations”.

According to Abdul-Kadyrov, “in the episode it was about the fact that drug addicts and substance abusers are favorable conditions for their involvement in terrorist activities”. “Their crimes from the category of directed against public morality, become directed against public security and public order, that is, to terrorist crimes,” the Prosecutor said.

He stressed that “terrorists do not conduct any negotiations, they are detained or destroyed on the spot in case of rendering armed resistance, and it is in this context that we must perceive the words of Kadyrov.”

Also, the Prosecutor said that on the territory of Chechnya, the fight against crime is strictly in accordance with Federal law. In early 2013, said Abdul-Kadyrov, following Kadyrov’s initiative combating illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, as well as violations of safety rules on the roads declared a priority for law enforcement.

On the eve of “Novaya Gazeta” published an article, according to which Kadyrov called on “those who are in the Chechen Republic violates the peace, shot to hell”. The publication cited the record a statement, which was posted on online Soundcloud.

As wrote the edition, on Tuesday, September 27, at seven o’clock evening news on the TV channel “Grozny” aired a story about Kadyrov’s meeting with the local security forces, officials, and clergy. The theme of the event was combating the high death rate on the roads and “tablet” drug addiction drastically increased in the country after the ban on the sale of alcohol, noted “New”.

According to the newspaper, the TV presenter, shown the TV channel “Grozny”, “clearly visible, as Kadyrov, outlining the sad situation gradually burn”. “Those who are in the Chechen Republic violates the peace, shot to hell. Nothing matters — the law, not the law… Shoot! Understand? Assalamu alaykum, no problem! That is the law!” — quoted audio edition. The newspaper said that in the ten o’clock evening news this statement has not sounded.

“Novaya Gazeta” has asked the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin to evaluate from the point of view of the law of Kadyrov’s statements and to take appropriate response measures. In addition, the newspaper drew attention to the information of President Vladimir Putin and interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, asking him to consider it a formal request.