Putin released from the pen Przewalski’s horses

Russian President Vladimir Putin poster nature reserve “Orenburg”, which recreates the population of Przewalski’s horses, and during the visit released from the acclimatization enclosure in the main part of the reserve, six individuals, reports “Interfax”.

Together with the head of the state reserve, Putin came to the gate of the enclosure where the herd of Przewalski’s horses. To lure the animals in the hands of the President was a bucket of oats harvested, but the horse did not hurry to leave their familiar cage on uncharted territory.

The most ambitious was the Lavender Mare, and the latest on new territory came the leader, said to “Interfax”. In General, wild animals, fearfulness which warned employees of the reserve, behaved with a calm and friendly, the Agency added.

The center of reintroduction of the Przewalski’s horse lives in the Asian subspecies of the wild horse — was opened officially in the Orenburg region in may 2016 and was created with the support of the Ministry of natural resources, the United Nations development Programme and Global environment facility.

The first herd was brought to the reserve in 2015 from France and adapted to the new conditions. Przewalski’s horse is listed in the red books of Russia and the International Union for conservation of nature.