Sberbank lowered the rates on consumer credits below pre-crisis levels

Sberbank from October 1, lowered interest rates across the range of consumer loans, the Bank.

Now the minimum interest rate on consumer credit under the guarantee of individuals will be a 13.9% annual, on consumer credits without collateral – 14.9% per annum in rubles.

Interest rates on consumer credits for servicemen — participants of the Accumulative-mortgage system (NIS) now account for 15.5% per annum in rubles, with the security and 16,5% per annum in rubles without collateral. The interest rate on loans to natural persons, a leading private farms is 20% per annum in rubles.

The minimum rate on consumer credits for the refinancing of loans, which allows you to refinance up to five credits is set at 14.9% in rubles.

“Today we have brought the rates on the entire range of consumer loans to a level below the pre-crisis — this will allow to consolidate the achievements of Sberbank in the emerging trend of recovery in consumer lending,” — noted the Director of Department of retail non-transactional products Sberbank Natalia alymova. According to her, after the may interest rate reduction on loans volume, vydachi rose to 70 billion a month when the average monthly results in 52 billion that the Bank had seen over the last two years.