The Kremlin said the FSB detention of Ukrainian journalist

The Kremlin commented on the detention of Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, which the FSB has named a career employee of the main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine, reports. “You know, this is the usual work of the special services. If I understand correctly, the person who calls himself a journalist, had no proper accreditation of the MFA,” he said, adding that he could not say whether the President information on this, and that is not a question of the presidential agenda.”

No campaign in relation to Ukrainian or foreign mass media operating in Russia, there can not be, said the representative of the Kremlin. “The media activities are regulated by law. Foreign media enjoy equal rights, but there is a certain procedure — accreditation of foreign Affairs, which must be fulfilled”, — said Peskov.

He noted that for clarification of the situation with the detainee should contact the special services. “We information do not have”, — concluded the spokesman.