The pound to a basket of currencies Bloomberg fell to an absolute minimum

Calculated by Bloomberg indexes (The Bloomberg British Pound Index), which monitors the change rate of the pound sterling to Euro, US dollar, Australian and canadian dollars, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, Renminbi and the Norwegian Krone fell to the level of 666,84 points. According to Bloomberg, the agreement reached today has been the lowest in the history of the index, the calculation of which began in 2004. With the beginning of the year he sank a total of 17%.

The sharp depreciation of the pound happened after Prime Minister Theresa may announced the imminent launch specific measures for British exit from the EU, the application of which is stipulated by article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. “We will use them until the end of March next year,” she said October 2, 2016.

According to Mae, the country’s authorities cannot afford to take the process out of the EU “too long.” “By voting for secession, the society in the near future expect to see on the horizon a point, which would mean the formal withdrawal of Britain from the EU”, — said the Prime Minister.

In the course of trading on 3 October, the pound to Euro fell to a three-year low, reaching the minimum level of €1,1433. In recent times cheaper than it cost on 1 August 2013, when he gave €1,143.

The pound to dollar today dropped to $1,2846 that was only for ¢of 0.5 above the minimum for more than 30 years, the level to which the pound fell in early July, after winning made in Britain, referendum, Brexit supporters.

The Swiss franc, the pound fell today by 0.92% against the yen and Australian dollar by 1.03%, the canadian dollar 1.2%, the Norwegian Krone is 1.35%.

During today’s trading on the Moscow stock exchange rate of the pound sterling fell by 1.4 rubles, or 1.6%. At a minimum, it amounted to RUB 80,066 that was the lowest reading since 1 Jun 2015.

In July 2016, Bloomberg experts acknowledged the pound sterling is the worst currency in the world, noting its strongest since the beginning of the fall against the dollar.