Kudrin opposed the classification of budget expenditures

Former Minister of Finance, the head of the Board of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin opposed the classification of budget expenditures. He said this during a business forum “Atlanta”, reports .

Kudrin said that the messages on the classification saw the “surprise”. “But I think it’s not because the costs will add on some secret operation, it’s just some already existing articles cover”, — he said.

In General budget expenditures, including on defense, be reduced due to the fact that revenues have decreased and will decrease the budget deficit, said the former Finance Minister. “So I think just doing the secret part of the articles that were previously open,” he said.

“I am the way, against it. I think that now we do not live in a situation where you need somehow to significantly increase the secret articles of the budget. What’s been revealed, it should be [openly]. And the fact that it is not necessary, has long been closed. So I don’t quite understand this expansion of the secret articles,” — said the head of CSR.