Moscow responded to the statement by the state Department on surveillance of us diplomats

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia commented on the statement of the US state Department about the harassment of American diplomats in Russia by posting on its official website the statement of the Deputy Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

The U.S. state Department spokesman Elizabeth Trude said that the authorities are worried about increasing cases of “harassment and surveillance” for diplomats in Moscow “by the security services and the traffic police”. According to Ryabkov, “the U.S. once again launched a broken record about the alleged “harassment” of American diplomats in our country”. “Apparently in retaliation for the principled position of Russia in favor of a speedy restoration of peace in Syria,” the statement says the Deputy Minister.

“As we have repeatedly stated, such allegations have nothing to do with reality and, in fact, are an attempt to divert attention from their own nefarious actions of Washington, including against Russian citizens”, — said Ryabkov. As an example, the foreign office cites “the ongoing practice of kidnapping of Russians by American intelligence agencies worldwide, egregious excuses for killers of adopted children from Russia”. In a statement the foreign Ministry also argued that their claims “, the US administration also tries to disguise the active espionage under diplomatic cover”.

Deputy Minister Ryabkov also responded to the message of “Radio Liberty” that two American officials were allegedly poisoned in St. Petersburg in November 2015, when he visited an international conference on the fight against corruption. The U.S. state Department spokesman Elizabeth Trude had refused to discuss this topic.

Ryabkov also said that Moscow is “outraged once again brought to light the state Department allegations that almost a year ago, two members of the American delegation allegedly nearly poisoned during their stay at the international conference in Saint-Petersburg”. According to him, in November, the foreign Ministry asked “to specify the claims, but received nothing, even the names of “victims”. “The Russian side carried out the inspection revealed that in that time the Americans in the St. Petersburg medical institutions is not addressed. If they, contrary to expectation, was pretty rowdy in the hotel bar, then go all the way”, — concluded the Russian diplomat.

According to the American side, two US citizens were given a drug which causes partial or complete immobilization. It happened in the bar of the hotel where they were staying to participate in the conference.