The Central Bank has set a deadline of issuing cards to state “World”

The Bank of Russia has described the period during which banks must provide their customers in the public sector, payment cards and “World”. As reported by the press service of the regulator, it must be done before January 1, 2018.

By that time, public sector wages should be listed not on the cards of international payment systems, and maps of their Russian counterpart. Thus, from 1 January 2018 all transactions in the accounts, which received money from the budget, will be carried out only by national maps.

Yesterday the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that after the launch of the pilot project of” coming to the second stage — mass production. “We are ripe for that legislation to clarify the timing of when these cards will be required to accept all outlets, those that sell goods and services. It is very important that our card was used in our national network. And then the public sector will also have to go to salaries of state employees transferred to the cards of international payment systems and Russian payment card”, — said the head of the regulator.

The period during which banks will have to give state employees map “the World”, set in the framework of amendments to the law “About national payment system”. For legal certainty, including for the banks, amendments to 161-FZ contain a specification of these requirements in terms of deadlines. In accordance with the corrections acquiring such cards must be provided by April 1, 2017, and issue to customers-public sector — up to 1 January 2018, said the Central Bank. The specified period takes into account the plans announced by banks.

Banks are willing

The majority of surveyed banks, including “Russian standard”, “Discovery” and VTB24, Raiffeisenbank, expect to meet the deadline. Raiffeisenbank noted that the Bank has long produces maps of “the World”, and also accepts and serves them in their ATM network.

VTB24 expects to complete the establishment of the acquiring network until the end of 2016. “Already implemented such large projects as the connection of POS-terminals in the network “Magnit”, “Auchan”, “Hyper Globus”, “Victoria” and some other”, — said the Deputy head of retail business Department of VTB24 Alexey Kirichek. According to him, the issue of the card “the World” of VTB24 in the framework of salary projects will start in mid-October, then the Bank will start to connect customers with the open market. “Until the end of the year we plan to issue about 300 thousand cards, “Peace”. All ATMs of VTB24 to more than 11 thousand devices — take card “the World” Jun 2016″, — he added.

The Bank “Russian standard” says that its acquiring network today is technically ready to receive the card “the World” and that customers will be able to pay off the cards “the World” in all locations before the end of 2016. “The Bank just in time to begin receiving this card in the largest retail chains until the end of autumn. Reception card “the World” in a number of major retailers that are our customers acquiring began with 1 July 2016. The Bank plans to complete the disclosure of the network by December 2016. You may remain untapped small shops in remote areas, we plan to include at the end of the year”, — said the press service of “Russian standard”. The Bank notes that the main difficulties that can complicate the process of implementing the requirements of the Central Bank, are connected with human resources for processing of documents, support of sales outlets as part of the implementation, explanations to the staff of outlets of the features of the card and so on.

“Among our clients there are no state employees who by law are required to issue the card “the World” — reported TKS-Bank. — In this September 14, we launched Internet acquiring of payment cards of system “the World”. This means that all Internet stores connected to the service Tinkoff Payment”, will now be able to receive cards of the national payment system “World”.

ROSBANK plans to start issuing the cards “the World” in the fourth quarter of 2016. From 1 July the Bank will accept “Peace” in their ATMs. “Cardholders of payment system “the World” can withdraw cash, request the balance on their cards and change the PIN code in the entire ATM network ROSBANK, which has 2.6 million devices throughout Russia”, — noted in the Bank. Expects the Bank to give sufficient number of cards and develop the acquiring network for 1 January 2018, the press service of the Bank said.

“The world” — the first Russian national payment system. Its operator is the company “national system of payment cards (nspk). The first card “the World” was released as the banks participating in the pilot project in December last year. Now, according to the NBTS, the program 103 of the Bank, only 13 emit card. As mentioned earlier , the costs of banks to issue cards, “Peace” was higher than Visa and MasterCard. The difference in price is 35-45% in favor of foreign payment systems, said the Director of Department of payment systems of SMP Bank Elena Bingonova.