A little-known company has opened in Alaska, largest oil field

Large oil field discovered offshore of Alaska in the Gulf Smith, about 480 km North of the Arctic circle. This, according to The Wall Street Journal reported a little-known American energy company, Caelus Energy.

The company said that reserves range from 1.8 billion to 2.4 billion barrels. These figures are not yet confirmed, but if confirmed, the discovery will be “significant”, and the field will pass inventory open in 2015, Exxon Mobil field off the coast of Guyana in South America, notes the WSJ.

For transportation of extracted petroleum Caelus Energy plans to build a pipeline length of 200 km with a cost of $800 million As the newspaper said, this idea can be supported by the leadership of the state, which has faced a sharp drop in income from the sale of oil. Governor bill Walker has said that the state government look forward to when “opening (deposits) will lead to the fact that the oil will flow through the pipeline.” The Governor also expressed confidence that modern technology and established standards regulators will allow us to produce oil on the shelf safely.

First oil in Alaska was discovered in the 1970-ies. Then, because of the high oil prices, the US government welcomed the opening, but the middle Eastern state were dissatisfied and threatened to cut oil sales to the United States, writes the WSJ.

In 2015, Royal Dutch Shell halted work on the continental shelf off the coast of Alaska. The reasons for this company called unsatisfactory results of key exploration wells in the Chukchi sea and high costs. Reuters wrote that on exploration in the Arctic, the company spent about $7 billion. activities of Shell in the Arctic also let environmentalists. In the summer of 2015 the activists of Greenpeace tried to stop a floating oil platform Shell, which was preparing to move from Seattle to exploration in the Arctic ocean.