Arkhangelsk United Russia gained more than all the deputies of the new Duma

On 5 October the deputies of the Duma of the seventh convocation will start its work, meeting at the first plenary session. Before this meeting, analysis of the Declaration on incomes and biographies of those who came to the lower house of Parliament for the first time, and those who confirmed the authority.
The top of the list of deputies of the state Duma of the seventh convocation on the level of income for 2015 took first ispravila to the Duma United Russia, the businessman from Arkhangelsk region, Andrey Palkin. Its revenue for 2015, according to the Declaration amounted to almost 1.5 billion. He owns 56 apartments in the Arkhangelsk region and three in the Moscow region, as well as some 200 vehicles, most of which are predominantly construction equipment.

However, the case. can be considered a kind of incident. As the Deputy of the regional Duma in April of this year, he dropped a more modest income — 483 million rubles in 2015. As explained earlier, the Palkin local journalists RUB 1.5 billion is “total gross turnover of the holding headed by him,” and 483 million of his personal income.

Neither of which the turnover in the Declaration may be no legally prescribed to indicate only information on income, says the Deputy General Director of “transparency international — Russia” Ilya Shumanov. However, he notes that despite the fact that published data on incomes of candidates of the Federal and regional levels are identical, there is a regulatory ploy, theoretically allowing you to publish two different declarations. The amount of information sets the responsible election Commission, so these data can fluctuate, says expert.

Since 1990-ies Palkin has been in business in the city of Kotlas of the Arkhangelsk region: he owns eight companies, mainly engaged in the construction of roads and residential buildings. In the region it became famous for building affordable housing.

The five elected deputies, which showed the largest revenue in 2015, Palkin followed by the current United Russia deputies. Leonid Simanovsky really rich. He not only earned for 2015 909 million rubles., but also has the accounts of 3 billion rubles and, according to Forbes magazine, owns a 1.6% stake in NOVATEK (the Forbes “Richest businessmen of Russia” in 2016, he ranked 87-th place with a fortune of $0.95 billion). In third place — Nicholas Wrestlers with an income of over 799 million rubles, He also holds 144th place in the ranking of Forbes “Richest businessmen of Russia” in 2016 (as estimated at $0.55 billion). Their capital MP earned on the sale of the plant “Lebedyansky” of PepsiCo. At the same time the size of the Bank account of Fighters — champion among the deputies, he has declared a record 9.6 billion RUB.

Alexander Skorobogatko, occupying the fourth place in the ranking by revenues, showed in the Declaration of 745 mln In Forbes, the Deputy took 40 th place among the richest Russian businessmen ($2.3 billion). Closes the top-5 the owner of a group of companies ABI Grigory Anikeev, earned in 2015, a little less than 600 million rubles.

The twenty deputies who received last year the highest income fell and the main applicant for an armchair of the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, until the election of occupying the post of first Deputy head of the presidential administration. He earned in 2015, 87 million rubles For comparison: Sergei Naryshkin, head of the previous Duma and sent to the RAF declared 9 million rubles.
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