Began to work the state Duma of the seventh convocation

In Moscow at 12:23 MSK began the first session of the state Duma of the seventh convocation. It was opened by the oldest Deputy of the lower house of Parliament, the representative of the Communist party Zhores Alferov. With him in the Bureau rose the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The podium also took the elders of the Duma, Valentina Tereshkova (United Russia), Vladimir Zhirinovsky (LDPR) and Galina Khovanskaya (Fair Russia).

Alferov, announced the first meeting of the state Duma of the seventh convocation open.

The first meeting devoted to organizational and personnel issues: the MPs must choose a speaker of the lower house and heads of committees. Discussion of bills deputies will begin on Friday, October 7.

According to the results of the elections held on 18 September, the new composition of the state Duma has been updated for more than half, although the composition of the parties remained the same. “United Russia” in the new Duma has received 343 mandate, the Communist party 42 mandates, the liberal democratic party — 39 seats and “Fair Russia” — 22. Two more single-seat districts — Alexei Zhuravlyov of the Rodina party and a leader of the “Civic platform” Rifat Shaikhutdinov refused to enter into any of the Duma factions.

Among the newcomers in the state Duma were cosmonaut Maxim Suraev, a former chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko, the son of actor Mikhail Boyarsky Sergei and ex-Prosecutor of Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya (“United Russia”).

The parties have already agreed on the allocation between the guiding posts, in detail wrote about it. United Russia received half of the Duma committees (13 of 26), including the most important committees on budget, state-building, constitutional, civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation. Important international Affairs Committee received the liberal democratic party, and the Committee on CIS Affairs, the Communist party.