Donald trump has accused Russia of disrespect for the leaders of the United States

During a speech at a rally in Arizona trump discussed the situation in the middle East. “Russia violated the ceasefire agreement, and now in Syria are shooting and bombing. This should put an end to and do it quickly.” he said.

Trump also pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin “respects neither President Barack Obama nor the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

At the beginning of the election campaign, the criticism of trump, not once reproached him for his compliments to the Russian President. Billionaire pointed out that in case of a victory on elections he would be willing to negotiate with Putin, but will defend them to the interests of his country.

In November last year, during the debate, candidates from the Democratic party trump called the wrong criticism of Russia’s military operation in Syria. “If Putin wants to go and ask a thrashing ISIL [the organization’s activities are banned in Russia], I am 100% for it. And I don’t understand how anyone can be against this”, — said the businessman.