Gref called the timing of the end of the period of the oil mono-Russia

Gref called the timing of the end of the period of the oil mono-Russia

Moscow. 4 Oct. Economy monoproduct in the form of oil in Russia could end in 2028-2030 years, said the head of Sberbank German Gref.

“When we have potentially monoproduct end? 28th-30th years. All the feelings, all the trends that we see today will not be a repeat of this commodities super cycle. Need to prepare for it. We don’t have much time,” said Gref in the program “Posner” on channel one.

According to a top Manager, the difficulty lies in the fact that the output of “manresources state” is extremely painful. “It is always associated either with manifestations of revolutionary or civil war, or with strong dependency on foreign countries. These are the three classic exit these types of situations,” – said the head of Sberbank.

He also explained that some understanding of the prospects of the situation in Russia has now. “I think last year, maybe two, of these “rose-colored glasses” of our future that prices will again return to levels over $100 (per barrel) and again, we’ll be all right, less and less,” – said Gref.

According to him, “the people in power now have enough of a good idea of the situation,” although not everyone is ready to change. “If we listen to the leaders of the commodity companies, imagine what it’s like to rebuild a business commodity company? It is a huge job and not always want to do not always have the resources”, – said Gref. He noted that there are many experts who say the oil industry that “nothing, so many times predicted the end of you, and you (the oil industry) are still alive.”

To help get out of “manresources state,” according to the head of Sberbank, will help diversify the economy. “I very much hope that the beginning of changes in the quality of economic growth and diversification, which, in my opinion, the question of our future, the future of the country and our society, just becomes a primary on the agenda,” – said Gref.