The premiere of the convocation: as first meeting of the new Duma

The first meeting of the state Duma started later than the planned time: the deputies of the seventh convocation was waiting in the hall for 20 minutes with the President. Vladimir Putin entering conference room with the speaker of the Duma Sergei Naryshkin, took place in the Presidium. At the first meeting of last, the sixth, the Duma, elected on the wave of protests in Moscow, Putin (then Prime Minister) was not present, as well as President Dmitry Medvedev.

The meeting was opened by the oldest Deputy of the Nobel prize in physics in Communist Zhores Alferov. At the podium together with him was also the oldest deputies from other factions: United Russia Valentina Tereshkova, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky Galina Khovanskaya from just Russia.

Alferov in his speech read out an excerpt from the works of Vladimir Mayakovsky’s “poem about Soviet passport” by changing in this one word: “Read, envy, I, a citizen of the Russian Union”.

After registration deputies (they were in the hall only 439 instead of the 449), the participants stood up to listen to the national anthem. The Presidium of the hardest sang Zhirinovsky, Putin kept silence.

The President told the deputies that they can always count on his support. He thanked Naryshkin “for the effective and efficient operation.” The new deputies he cited the example of the legislators of the sixth convocation, “which showed unity when making crucial for Russia decisions.” However, Putin called on the deputies of the new Duma “promptly” begin “meaningful changes in the economy, the social sphere,” because “during the election campaign people have formulated” they query.

At the main entrance to the state Duma, meanwhile, stood picket with a poster “Putin’s Regime killed political system of Russia”. It was photographed by journalists.

After the speech, Putin and Naryshkin came out of the courtroom. The speaker of the sixth convocation waved goodbye to reporters.

Following this, the elders from the factions of the Communists and the socialist-revolutionaries criticized the Parliament of the sixth convocation. Again take the word Alferov said that the task of the Council — “back to Parliament.” The MP urged his colleagues discuss what the laws should take, and what initiatives superfluous. As an example, he cited adopted in the sixth convocation without discussion law “turned into a club of the Russian Academy of Sciences”. Khovanskaya also asked United Russia to get rid of bad habits — “mechanical clicking the buttons” (when voting on the bills. — ).

After the announcement of the lunch special coherence showed the deputies from the liberal democratic party. Zhirinovsky said into the microphone: “the LDPR Faction in full force — into the place where I said.” Members of the faction went down to the foyer of the main entrance to take a group photo using a selfie stick. “And now, lunch at two o’clock in the hall,” commanded the leader of the obedient crowd.

At the buffet, meanwhile, had dinner first elected to the Duma, the businessman from Arkhangelsk region, Andrey Palkin, who has declared the highest income in 2015 among all the deputies of the seventh convocation. He explained that the 1.5 billion rubles is the total gross turnover of his group, not his personal income. Newly appointed Deputy only bought two sausage sandwich and a Cup of tea. “You have less?”, asked billionaire barmaid, turning his face platystrophia bill.

Returning from lunch, members proceeded to the election of Directors. Surprises did not happen: the speaker, his deputies, the chairmen of the committees are the deputies whose names have been already mentioned previously in the media.

Vyacheslav Volodin, speaking as a candidate for speaker, said MPs should improve the quality of adopted laws. “A constitutional majority (United Russia) even more obliged to prove his innocence publicly and in an open discussion,” he said.

For the appointment of assistant to the speaker of the Duma voted by 404 parliamentarians for an alternative candidate from the Communist party Dmitry Novikov — 40 people. “Volodin!” — I said happily into the microphone presidency at this time Tereshkova.

Voting for the election of speaker took place at 14:50, follows from the transcript of the meeting. At this same moment on the website of the Kremlin, it was reported that the President included Volodin (as a speaker) in the composition of the security Council. The question of how he would explain such a coincidence, Volodin said that “the stars came together”.

In 2011, for the position of Chairman of the Duma Naryshkin in addition to claimed the Communist Ivan Melnikov, Zhirinovsky, the leader spravedlivorossov Sergei Mironov. For Naryshkin, then voted 238 people, Melnikov — 30 people less.

Volodin, sitting in the chair, visibly worried. New speaker summed up the new voting system: it gave the number of votes insufficient for decision-making on the question of the composition of the committees. “Button did not work”, — said Volodin. When the system once again hung, Volodin added: “We proceed from the fact that we have taken a consensus decision”. However, in the end the system worked and the vote was successful.