The state Duma has chosen its speaker Volodina

The state Duma of the seventh convocation at the first meeting on Wednesday was elected speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. For his candidacy voted by 404 parliamentarians. Against the candidate of the Communist party Dmitry Novikov voted 40 parliamentarians — that’s the number of seats in the next Duma from fraction of the Communist party.

Candidate Volodin at a meeting of the state Duma put forward by the representative of the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Vasilyev. Presenting the candidacy Volodina he noted that while working Volodin, the Kremlin’s political system became more transparent and elections more legitimate. The Vasiliev also expressed confidence that Volodin to the post of the speaker of the state Duma will be able to provide the new Duma the atmosphere of the discussion and recalled that the candidacy of Volodina with President Vladimir Putin.

The leader of fraction of the Communist party Gennady Zyuganov proposed on a post of the speaker of the state Duma Dmitry Novikov, whom he described as “modern and young politician”. The existing political system Zyuganov called “ugly” and declared a “total monopoly of power”.

Then deputies made himself Volodin. He noted the importance adopted by the Duma of the laws and noted the need to make their quality grew, and when their adoption was considered all points of view and heard all the comments.

Volodin also stated that the resulting “United Russia” the constitutional majority “even more obliged to prove publicly and in an open discussion”.

“We cannot ignore and not consider the opinions of those who voted for other parties”, — said Volodin, adding that there should be opportunities to “hear the parties that did not pass in Parliament”.

The primary agenda of the state Duma of the seventh convocation Volodin called the socio-economic agenda, and the priorities identified in the “may decrees” of President Putin. A separate priority is the national security and international policy, said Volodin.

Then, on the rostrum and the candidate for speakers from the Communist party Dmitry Novikov. He said that “United Russia” on elections in the state Duma received a “silent majority” and called the current methods of governance in the country “useless”.

Earlier, on October 5 Volodin was released from the post of first Deputy head of the presidential administration by presidential decree of Vladimir Putin. Place Volodin, the Kremlin took the head of “Rosatom” Sergey Kiriyenko.

At a meeting with Duma faction leaders, which took place on 23 September, Putin proposed to elect an assistant to the speaker of the lower house of Parliament. A day earlier, the previous speaker of the state Duma, the sixth convocation, Sergey Naryshkin was appointed the head of the foreign intelligence Service (SVR).

On 24 September, “United Russia” approved Volodin to the post of speaker of the state Duma and recommended its Duma faction to make its nomination at the first meeting of the chamber.