The Syrian army has decided to reduce the number of attacks on Aleppo

General command of the Syrian armed forces took the decision to reduce the number of attacks on Aleppo that the residents were able to leave in a safe place. About it reports Reuters, citing a source in the military sphere.

In an official statement of the military command of Syria, which was shown on state television, said that the civilian population, which “is held by the rebels in the East of Aleppo”, is used as a human shield. According to the military, reducing the number of strokes will allow civilians to go elsewhere, Reuters reports.

The Associated Press writes that in the South of Aleppo aktiviziruyutsya the offensive of the Syrian army and its allies, who seek to take the areas controlled by the opposition. According to the UN, are now in the town of about 275 thousand civilians.

In early October, the government army called on the opposition to leave the Eastern part of Aleppo. Damascus believes that the rebels thus “allow civilians to continue to live my normal life.” The document said that the Syrian government and Moscow “offer the rebels safe exit and to provide the necessary assistance.”