Soros has called Russian bombing of Aleppo a “war crime”

American billionaire George Soros addressed “to the people of Russia, Europe and the rest of the world” with an appeal not to sit idly by, and openly Express their outrage at the situation in Syria, which Soros calls “a humanitarian disaster of historic proportions”.This is stated in the statement of Soros, published on the website of his Foundation.

According to the billionaire, the manifestation of public opinion would induce the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to put an end to “crimes against humanity”. Soros said that the Russian governments support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and carried out the bombing of Aleppo, which severely affected the population. According to the billionaire, the impact was destroyed the remaining city hospitals, and civilians left without water.

“President Putin in aggressive form trying to take advantage of the four months remaining before the inauguration of the new President of the United States, and was guided by coarse political calculation,” writes Soros.

He also quoted the New York Times, wrote: “Putin is counting on the fact that the outgoing President Obama would not intervene in the escalation of the Syrian conflict, and the new us President, who might decide on a more assertive stance, yet is not on its place. The next US President will face with the new reality, and he will have to take it.”

“When the facts are already there, the bombardment of Aleppo, Putin will be seen as the most blatant war crime of the modern world,” adds Soros.

Russia launched a military operation in Syria on 30 September 2015. The aim of the operation, the Russian authorities have repeatedly described the fight against terrorism. Western leaders and human rights activists have accused Russia of bombing on the civilian population, but Moscow rejects all charges, calling them stuffing and provocations.