The Finance Ministry has proposed to almost double fines for tax evasion

The Finance Ministry plans to make more effective instrument of fines for this are offered in the draft guidelines for tax policy to increase penalties for non-payment of taxes and fees from 1/180 to 1/300 of the refinancing rate. About this “Vedomosti” acquainted with the document.

The newspaper reminds that in 2015, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov complained that the low level of penalties turned nonpayment of taxes and fees in the original loan due to the budget.

Under the current key rate of 10%, which is equal to the refinancing rate, penalties remain cheaper Bank credit of 12.17% vs. 15.8% for ruble loans, said the newspaper’s managing partner Dmitry Taxadvisor Kostalgin. In his opinion, the increase of penalties must make unprofitable loan at public expense.

Currently, about 85% of tax arrears falls on debts of the companies, despite the fact that some of them shell companies and bankrupts. For especially large debtors accounted for 10% of the total debt.

According to the President of Club of Bank accountants Kirill Parfenov, the Ministry’s initiative will stimulate only the solvency of the company.