The Finance Ministry has proposed to reallocate without discussion 10% of the budget of the security forces

The Ministry of Finance may be entitled to reallocate up to 10% of the cost of money on national defense, security and law enforcement without amending the budget law. This is with reference to the relevant amendments to the Budget code, which was approved by the government Commission on legislative activities, according to “Vedomosti”. According to the newspaper, on Thursday it will consider the Cabinet of Ministers.

Changes to the consolidated budget breakdown (distribution plan expenses and income), according to these amendments, made by order of the Minister of Finance. Redistribution affect mainly recipients of budget for sections “national defense” and “national security and law enforcement”, writes the newspaper with reference to the amendment.

Changes in the painting can not be reduced enshrined in the law of obligations to the people for the sake of increasing other spending or to increase spending on salary — this will require amendments to the budget law.

In the explanatory note to the amendments, the Ministry of Finance notes that budget cuts on national defense and security was accompanied by a reform of the military service and optimizing the number of law enforcement officers, while the objectives remained unchanged, which led to increased burden on them. The reduction in funding was accompanied by growing inflation and changes in the geopolitical situation around Russia. “An additional problem” became “some times” when I reduced the frequency of amending the budget law, emphasizes the Finance Ministry.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Finance, the amendments are necessary to cutting red tape the process of redistribution of budget funds in individual cases.

As said the lead researcher, development center of HSE Andrew Cherniavsky, not as important as the costs are redistributed between these sections, since there is a large closed part which is out of public discussion. According to him, concerned about the same amount of spending on defense and security. This year spending on defense and security increased, others reduced, and in fact, military spending is squeezing the other, concludes Cherniavsky.