The media learned about the discussion in Germany the new EU sanctions against Russia

The German government is considering to promote the introduction of new EU sanctions against Russia in response to the latest action in Syria, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing a person familiar with the relevant discussions.

According to him, the Cabinet of Angela Merkel is exploring different ways of putting pressure on Moscow for it to change its policy in Syria. In particular, we are talking about economic restrictions.

Discussions are at an early stage, emphasizes the WSJ: it is unclear whether the support of the Christian democratic Union Merkel, his partners in the government coalition — the social Democrats.

At the same time, the newspaper said, “this is one of the first signs that Europe is disappointed with Russia’s actions in Syria and frightened by the possibility of worsening the migration crisis, may in the coming weeks to lean towards more of a tough stand against Russia.”

According to the newspaper, on Wednesday on a press-conferences the official representative of the German foreign Ministry was asked about the possibility of sanctions against Russia, and he replied: “At the moment I don’t know anyone — neither in Berlin, nor anywhere else — who would have it”.

The representative of Merkel refused to comment on the publication of the discussion about sanctions against Russia, however, pointed out review of the German foreign Ministry.