The person accused of embezzlement of $6 million, “the Kremlin group” was sentenced to 12 years

About the sentence made on the eve of the Nikulinskiy court of Moscow, it became known to “Kommersant”. The court sentenced Vladislav Zaraeva to 12 years in prison for organizing the theft of $6 million from the former Governor of the Saratov region and former Senator Konstantin Titov.

The court found Zaraeva guilty of fraud in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code) and considered that Tsoraev is serving time for a similar crime. Also, the court fully satisfied the property claim of the injured for a total amount of 280 million rubles.

Tsoraev was the only defendant in the case. State prosecution asked to sentence him to 8.5 years of imprisonment.

In December 2015 Titov, who was then a Senator from the Samara region, has applied to the police, saying the theft of $6 million, He told the investigators that in 2007 Tsoraev was presented to him by the Director of the secret of the financial group “Center”, supposedly created in the presidential administration “for the implementation of special programs”. The scammer claimed that “the Kremlin group” was subordinated directly to the President.

According to investigators, the scammers promised Titov profit up to 100%, but demanded that he put at least $500 thousand the Senator borrowed $4.4 million and €1.5 million from his son Alexei Titov, who owns the Samara Bank “Solidarity”, and handed over to the scammers, but after a few months found that not getting interest from investments. And without waiting for investment income, Titov met with Corewin and promised to return him the money invested, but soon Tsoraev was behind bars. In 2009, he received a nine year sentence for another fraud case.

He Tsoraev guilt did not recognize and said that he had received money from Titov not to invest, and to facilitate the appointment to the post of Governor of the Ryazan region George Shpak, wrote “Kommersant”. The publication emphasized that to find the stolen money and failed.