The starving miners gave Putin a request to pay the salary arrears

The Appeal To Putin

Representatives of more than 2 thousand miners from four mines in the city of Gukovo of the Rostov region on Friday, October 7, transferred the appeal to Vladimir Putin with a request to solve a question with payment of debts on a salary. This was stated by the representative of the miners from the mines “Zamchalovsky”, “Diamond”, “Rostov” and “Gukovskaya” Valery Dyakonov.

“If nothing is done will not be angered by the attitude of the miners do not rule out protests, and the track to block,” — said the deacon. After the representatives of the miners handed in a petition to the presidential administration, they complained about the company “Kingcol South”, which owns four mines in Gukovo, deputies of the state Duma Valery Rashkin and Nicholas Kolomeitseva (both — Communist party).

The hunger and debt

At the end of September, said the deacons, before you send couriers to hand the letter to Putin, the miners have suspended the hunger strike which lasted from August 22. Starving, replacing each other in shifts, in total about 200 people, said deacon. The hunger strike is likely to be resumed if Putin does not will have no effect. Only, according to the deacons, for a year have not been paid 2156 people who worked in the mines of the company “Kingcol”.

“Kingcol” headed by businessman Vladimir Pozhidaeva acquired four mines in Gukovo at the end of December 2012. Simultaneously with this was founded the company “Kingcol the South,” in which were employed shahtery.

Work in the mines was suspended in 2015 after a few months it became known that the company started bankruptcy proceedings. Debts to miners in a total of about 300 million rubles, say the miners. Head of the organizational Department of Hooke territorial Committee of the Russian trade Union of coal miners (Rosugleprof) Yuri Cheburkov told RIA Novosti that, according to the bankruptcy law, the debt payments will start when the property will be sold by the company. However, according to Dyakonov, nothing was done. At the end of September, the media in the Rostov region reported that the budget of the region the miners have started to pay back the money, but paid even partially cover the debts of “Kingcol” indicates the deacons.

“Nothing paid, says deacon. — MPs we were told that we were deceived: the media say the debt started to pay, but in fact it is not, there are people to whom a debt of 390 thousand rubles and 100 rubles, they have listed”.

What is the “Kingcol”

In addition to the mines in the Rostov region the group of companies “Kingcol” developing coal in Primorye and the far East (section Sarajevski, coal brand “T”). 90% of the share capital of “Kingcol” Cyprus belongs to private joint stock company “Kingcol group limited”. The CEO of “Kingcol” Pozhidaev owns only 10% of the share capital. “Kingcol”. Earlier Pozhidaev led the companies owned by the billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev — he was General Director of JSC “Russian coal” (2008 — 2009) and General Director of ZAO UK “Russian coal” and JSC “Slavzoloto” (2007 — 2008)

In July 2015 the rating Agency “Rus-Rating” has lowered a credit rating “Kingcol”, citing unprofitable operations, the company’s growing debt load, high sensitivity to currency risks and lack of liquidity. Change the forecast for “possible downgrade” was driven by expectations of a further increase of the debt burden. In December 2015, the rating of OOO “Kingcol” was withdrawn. 2014 against “Kingcol” and related companies were excited 15 bankruptcy cases. Currently in the courts is 4 case.

Against the General Director “Kingcol” Pozhidaeva a criminal case about abuse of power. In August 2016, Vladimir Pozhidaev has been remanded in custody. He was charged under two article of the Criminal code (CC) — part 2 of article 145.1 (full nonpayment over two months of wages) and part 2 St. 201 (abuse of powers entailing serious consequences) of the criminal code. According to investigators, Pozhidaev without pay 156 employees Hooke’s mines during March — December 2015.

As the head of the Center for economic and political reforms (CEPR) Nikolai Mironov, the situation with the miners in Gukovo in the Rostov region is not a single labour conflict in Russia. The pawpaw, CEPR, III 2016 fixed 544 resonant case of conflict related to labour relations (in the II quarter was 263). 411 conflict is associated with the nonpayment or delay of salaries, 69 — with the labor protests, 16 conflicts caused by the transition to incomplete working hours, and another 6 were caused by lower wages.

The number of labor conflict has been increasing for the past two years, says Mironov. But they are local, patchy, a single protest in the country. This, says Mironov, due to the lack of protesters unites strength, weakness or conciliatory position of the trade unions. Besides, the protesters are not inclined to unite with their brethren from other areas and to politicize the protest, said Mironov. Due to the worsening economic situation it is necessary to wait for the expansion and scale up of social conflicts, sure Mironov.

President of the Confederation of labour of Russia Boris Kravchenko agrees with Mironov: protests will be more. “The incoming signals from the regions suggests that the problem of delayed wages is more serious. Increasingly we fix all so unseemly stories: when salaries are not paid for a long time,” — said Kravchenko.