Russia has introduced in the security Council of the UN alternative draft resolution on Syria

As reported TASS in the permanent mission of Russia to the UN, the Russian — alternative — draft resolution on Syria submitted to the security Council of the world organization and will be considered after the vote on the French draft resolution. A meeting of the UN security Council, originally scheduled for 22:00 GMT will be held half an hour earlier, said the Russian Embassy.

In the draft resolution, submitted by Russia, according to TASS, supported the proposal of the special envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Syria, Stephan de Mistura on the withdrawal of the militants of banned terrorist organizations “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” from the Eastern part of Aleppo. The document also contains a request to the Secretary General of the organization ban Ki-moon “to provide the Security Council with a detailed plan of implementation” of the initiative “in collaboration with stakeholders with the aim of approval” by the security Council.

The Russian-proposed text calls on all parties to respect the Russian-American agreement on Syria reached on September 9.

As reported by Reuters, the French text of the draft resolution proposes, in particular, to create the possibility of control over the truce with the UN. Also, the text calls for “further measures” in case of non-observance of the truce “of any of the parties involved in the internal Syrian conflict.”

In addition, the draft resolution of France urges Russia and the United States to “guarantee the immediate cessation of hostilities, starting from Aleppo, and to this end all military flights over the city.”

Russia has signaled that it will veto French draft resolution. “This is not the version of the resolution that should be taken. I have a suspicion that the real motive is to provoke a veto from Russia”, —said Churkin. “I see no possibility how this resolution can go,” he added.