The media learned about the discussion of legal way to replace trump in the election

The lawyers of the National Committee of the Republican party discusses the possibility of a replacement candidate for U.S. President Donald trump on the other person. About this Politico said a person familiar with the situation.

On Friday evening the Chairman of the national Committee of Primus Raines stated that the Committee within 48 hours of revising its election strategy. The national Committee and the lawyers of the party study the possibility of nominating another candidate a month before the presidential election.

“The D. N. C. has an army of lawyers who are now studying the rule No. 9 (refers to filling in data on free candidates. —) and of the draw” — says the interlocutor of the Agency.

However, lawyers came to the conclusion that the Committee will have to cooperate with trump, if the party decides to replace him. According to the rules, the candidate in US presidents can be replaced in case of death of the current or voluntarily exit the race.

Managing party Matt Pinnell, according to the portal, advised the national Committee to pursue the course, “at least for now”. The press-Secretary of the Committee could not immediately comment on Politico this information.

The possibility of replacing trump’s lawyers the parties negotiate after the scandal that broke out on Saturday. The Washington Post has published a video in 2005, where trump talked about their harassment to a married woman.

“I just start to kiss them. I did not expect. And when you’re a star, they can do it. You can do everything,” he said.

After that, trump said that this conversation with the host of the show Billy Bush was a joke. Later, however, the Republican apologized for his remarks. He admitted that he was wrong and said “stupid things”. The trump expressed the view that the publication of the video is nothing more than a distraction from the “important problems that we face today”.

“I never said I was perfect man, not trying to be someone I am not. Anyone who knows me knows that these words don’t define me,” said the candidate in presidents of the United States.

The publication of the video caused a new wave of criticism from chief rival trump — Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. She again wrote that “we cannot allow this man to become President.”

Despite this scandal, his Twitter, trump wrote that he did not intend to withdraw his candidacy from the race.

“The media and the ruling elite want to throw me out of the race — I never leave it will never disappoint my supporters,” he said.