France will submit a request to the international court on war crimes in Syria

The Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault said Monday in an interview with France Inter Radio that will appeal to the international court to investigate possible war crimes in Syria, reports Reuters.

“We do not agree with what Russia is doing, causing air strikes on Aleppo. As never before France seeks to save the people of Aleppo,” — said the French Minister.

He also said that French President Francois Hollande would take into account the situation in Aleppo as it will deal with the question of a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin during his visit to Paris on October 19.

“If the President decides [to meet with Putin], there will be no pleasantries,” added the French foreign Minister.

Yesterday, 9 October, Hollande said that while doubts whether to accept or not President Putin during his visit to Paris, scheduled for October 19. However, the Kremlin responded that while the French authorities had not officially informed Moscow about the possible cancellation of the planned meeting of the presidents.

Last week the head of the U.S. Department of state John Kerry before a meeting with Ayrault said that the actions of the Syrian government forces and the Russian military must be investigated as war crimes.

“Russia and the Assad regime, the world needs more than explanations for why they continue to launch attacks on hospitals, medical institutions, as well as women and children,” Kerry said on 7 October. He noted that such actions require “a proper investigation as war crimes” and those who “carried out their will and have to answer for what happened.”

Kerry’s statement came against the backdrop of aggravation of the situation in Aleppo after the collapse of the truce. USA was blamed for the failure of the ceasefire regime on the Syrian government and Russia, and has suspended cooperation with Moscow on Syria. Moscow, in turn, said that the failure of the arrangements was due to the fact that Washington has not fulfilled its part of the agreements on delimitation of the terrorists and the moderate opposition.

A day earlier, on October 6, Ayrault met in Moscow with Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. The next day, Ayrault went to Washington to, as reported by Reuters, to convince US of the need for a resolution of the UN Security Council on Syria, proposed by France.

On October 8 took place the meeting of the UN security Council where Russia has used its veto in the vote for the French resolution. Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that no one voted on the draft resolutions will not be accepted and called the vote “one of the strangest scenes” in the history of the UN security Council.

The Russian version of the resolution was not adopted by the security Council. Voted for four of the nine countries necessary.