In the Duma criticized the idea Dvorkovich release prices on cheap drugs

The deputies opposed the initiative of the government to cancel the regulation of prices for cheap medication. Monday, October 10, Deputy speaker of the state Duma Olga Epifanova (“Fair Russia”) stated that “in the absence of state regulation of prices for medicines of mass consumption will be the inevitable rise in price”. “The adverse impact on the most vulnerable categories of our citizens,” said Yepifanov (quoted by “Interfax”).

About changing the pricing for vital and essential drugs (EDL) informed sources reported to the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), the Ministry of industry and the government. The essence of the initiative was contained in the letter from the Chairman Minister Arkady Dvorkovich to President Vladimir Putin.

The development of government regulations on the abolition of price controls on drugs cheap deals with the Ministry of industry and trade. The Agency said the need to cancel the regulation on cheaper drugs 50 RUB. in February this year.

The paper reported that the government will abandon price regulation on the Russian medicines on the VED list worth up to 50 rubles, the State will allow pharmaceutical companies to independently raise the price of cheap aspirin, ibuprofen, glycine, water for injection, etc. the Initiative should help to avoid leaching from the market of such drugs due to their unprofitability.

Epifanova going to find another way to help domestic manufacturers to low-cost medicines. To address this issue, she proposed Dvorkovich to establish an interagency working group, which also includes MPs and representatives of the expert community. The representative of Dvorkovich alia Samigullina said that while the Deputy Prime Minister have not received such offers.

The initiative supports Epifanova first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on industry Valery Hartung (“Fair Russia”). “To some it may seem that 50 rubles is a small amount. Let them try to live on 7 thousand a month, and he’ll change his mind”, he said .

According to Hartung, the regulation of prices of drugs — a necessary measure of influence on the market, but it allows to provide the population with affordable medication. The state will be able to abandon it only when will provide the citizens free medical aid, said the Deputy. For this purpose, said Hartung, it is necessary to significantly increase the budget for health care.

Against deregulation are the deputies from LDPR and the Communist party. Thus, the Chairman of the Duma Committee for labor and social policy Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) believes that the current pricing rules inexpensive drugs is not necessary to change. The main problems of the Russian pharmaceutical companies, I’m sure Nilov, the lack of information on affordable drugs at the consumer and the FAS activity. “Domestic producers are unhappy with the FAS as a price regulator. She makes them work at a loss”, — said Nilov .

Instead of deregulation of prices for cheap drugs Russian pharmaceutical companies should be granted a privileged position on pharmacy shelves and to ban advertising of all medicines, which, I am sure the Deputy, provoking the demand mainly on foreign medicines.

A member of the Duma Committee on health Chicken Alex (CPRF) believes that the drugs included in the VED list, legally dissociated themselves precisely in order “that the state had the right to regulate their price.” “No matter what the price meant. The profit on these drugs should be limited to 10%,” — said the Chicken.

Chicken said that on Tuesday, October 11, there will be a meeting of the health Committee, which will discuss the topic of pricing for cheap drugs. Chicken intends to criticize the government’s initiative in conversation with the Deputy Minister of health Tatiana Yakovleva. That Yakovlev will attend the meeting of the Committee, reported the press service of the Ministry of health. Whether at a meeting of the Committee the representative of the Ministry of industry and trade, is unknown; the press service of the Ministry are unable to answer questions .