Last chance trump: how was the televised debate of candidates in US presidents

A chance for correction

On Sunday evening, October 9, at the University of Washington in St. Louis (Missouri) was the second (penultimate) round of official debate between the presidential candidates United States representative Republican Donald trump and the nominee of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton.

The final debates organized by the Commissions on presidential debates (CPD), will be held on 19 October in Nevada, however, scheduled for October 25 informal debate between all eight presidential candidates from different parties organized by non-governmental Fund Free & Equal Elections. However, in the two previous election campaigns the candidates of the leading parties in such activities did not participate.

Before Sunday’s debate in St. Louis the campaign has reached boiling point. For only one Friday the Washington Post published video 2005 with the ambiguous statements of the three women, and WikiLeaks has posted in the open access of the array of letters of the head of the electoral headquarters of Clinton. The Associated Press found in a review of closed correspondence speeches Clinton to investors, where it expresses a position opposite to its official rhetoric.

Associates to trump the Republican party, the incident with the video was the “last straw” — after the recent scandals involving tax returns, a dispute with ex-Miss universe and unconvincing performances in the first debate. So debates October 9, was seen as the last chance trump to save his campaign (given the numerous calls to replace it with a candidate for Vice-President Mike Pence). Trump eventually took advantage of this chance, having a confident performance, says expert at the Center for strategic research Paul Demidov.

The voice of the people

Unlike previous and subsequent debates, this time the event had the format of “straight line”: the questions asked by the audience citizens, “ordinary Americans,”, selected by pollsters Gallup. Some of the questions the moderators of the discussion were taken from the Internet received from the audience, sometimes the moderators have developed the theme of the issue yourself.

In fact, the past debates are a rare opportunity to learn the opinion of ordinary Americans in the midst of a controversial election campaign. It was originally planned that the moderators will choose from the 30 most popular questions from each candidate (or one of them if the question was to him) will have two minutes to respond, one minute is given to the moderator in summarizing and moving to the next question.

According to the transcript of the event published by The Washington Post, the debate there were 14 questions, not including appeals of the candidates to each other and clarifying questions from the moderators. Of these, the majority — eight questions raised by those present in the hall of audience. Four questions were taken from online sites (for example, from the social network Facebook), another two questions asked by the moderators, departing from the topic.

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On the subject of the questions asked can be divided into two large groups. First, the Americans were interested in the personal qualities of the candidates, in particular, in connection with numerous scandals — eight questions. Secondly, it was about socio-economic problems in the United States: the questions on health insurance, Obamacare, the fight against Islamophobia, the tax system, the procedure of appointment of judges of the Supreme court, and prioritized energy policy.

One of a number of issues relating to domestic policy, is allocated only a matter of some of Diana from Pennsylvania, who were interested in how the candidates plan to solve the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo: “doesn’t this sound like the Holocaust, when the United States hesitated too long before you intervene?”

In search of the enemy

Many of the political issues, the candidates shied away transition to mutual accusations. For example, regarding taxation, trump mentioned that opponents accuse him of withholding declarations: “Clinton claims that I used loopholes in the Tax code. But why didn’t she correct them while you were a Senator?”

Such statements, Clinton retorted that she could not perform the necessary laws in the Senate “when the President-Republican”, referring to George Bush. Moreover, to answer the question about the priorities in energy policy, she began with accusations against trump is that he buys from China steel at dumping prices to build their hotels, “leaving American Steelworkers out of work”.

No less consistent candidates used and international aspects in the discussion to walk away from acute internal issues. Here’s an example from trump: responding to a question about indecent video, he noted that consideration of his words is incorrect “while ISIL (banned terrorist group) cuts the head right and left.”

“I intend to defeat ISIS in Alliance with the Muslim majority countries. But now many of them look that says Donald and puzzled: why would they cooperate with the Americans? It is a gift to terrorists”, — noted in turn Clinton on the issue of combating Islamophobia.

Trump’s position on the question of allies of the United States is somewhat different. “I don’t like Assad, but he is fighting with ISIS. Russia and Iran too. This trio joined forces because of the weakness of our diplomacy — says the billionaire. — Now we must concentrate on the fight against ISIS. We have those who want to fight with them, and with Damascus. But Syria is no longer Syria. For it are Russia and Iran”. According to trump, he “knows personally” Vladmir Putin, but “would like” with him to crush ISIS. Clinton has promised that will not tighten the current policy of Washington to send ground troops to Syria.

In General, the topic of Russia came up in debates at least four times. In addition to fighting the Islamists in Syria, Clinton criticized Moscow for bombardment of Aleppo. Trump has gone from direct conversation, not even agreeing with the accusations against Moscow, which was done by the partner of the trump, the candidate in Vice-presidents Pens.

In addition, responding to a question about his secret speeches to the financiers, which became known from a compromised mail, Clinton said that U.S. intelligence has evidence that the hackers is the top management of Russia: “for the First time in U.S. history we see that foreign powers are trying so zealously to affect the outcome of the elections — mind you, not in my favor”. Noting the favorable trump’s words to Putin, it is again demanded from the opponent to disclose tax return — hinting at a possible financing of trump by the Kremlin.

Finally, responding to accusations of Clinton to Russia is that Moscow is not fighting ISIS, and Assad protects, trump himself said that Washington was not to prevent the championship of Russia in the nuclear industry, and that States should update its nuclear programme after Russia, than in vain to argue with Moscow over the Syrian rebels.

According to the CNN poll victory in the debate was won by Clinton according to 57% of the respondents. Another 34% gave the victory to her rival Republican. Unlike CNN, which traditionally support the Democratic party pollster Frank Luntz, working with the conservative Fox News channel, said that his focus group of 30 people 21 respondents were “more satisfied” with the performance of trump and only nine — the Clinton speech. According to the sociological Bureau of YouGov, in the debate, Clinton won with a narrow margin: 47% to 42%.