Lukashenko spoke about the negotiations on oil supplies from Iran

The Belarusian authorities are in talks on supply of Iranian oil, he said, speaking before members of both chambers of the National Assembly, the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko.

“We are negotiating with Iran, which is desperately finding a market for oil and willing to reduce the price”, — Lukashenka said (quoted by “Interfax”).

The President also recalled the recent reduction in oil supplies from Russia and said that the refineries of Belarus — “companies that don’t provide the eyeballs in Neft”.

In early 2016, it was reported that this year Russia will supply Belarus with 23 million tonnes of oil. However, in the third quarter of this year, Russia has cut oil supplies to Belarus from 5.3 to 3.5 million tonnes, energy Minister Alexander Novak and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich explained that the decline in supply is due to a conflict over arrears of Belarus for Russian gas.

He later Lukashenko accused Russian authorities of putting pressure on Belarus for its unwillingness to compromise in the negotiations.

“We are fiddling with for several months can not agree on the price of gas. In this regard, Russia has reduced oil supplies to Belarus. We perceive this as pressure on Belarus, but the pressure I will not tolerate, and also the Belarusians,” — said the President of Belarus.

The issue of procurement with Belarus Iranian oil rose in previous years. So, in 2010, Iranian Ambassador to Minsk Seyyed Abdollah Hosseini said that Iran does not interfere in trade disputes with Russia and Belarus, but is willing to help the last of the oil, if Minsk will be asked.

“If the Belarusian side asks for, we will help,” said the diplomat, commenting on the possibility of supplying Iranian oil to Belarus.

Earlier Belarusian authorities were trying to negotiate with Tehran on oil production directly in Iran. At the end of 2006 for consideration by Iranian authorities were transferred to the General plan of development of the Iranian oil field Jofeyr, and in may 2007 during a visit to Minsk by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Lukashenko said that the agreement was reached and that soon the Belarusians will be able to produce in Iran the oil, Refine it there or take crude oil and sell in any region of the world

“You went to meet all the wishes of the Belarusian side and gave us the Deposit that we had hoped for. Our experts researched and prepared today to extract oil on Iranian territory,” — said Lukashenko, addressing the President of Iran.

However, before the actual extraction of oil Belarusians in Iran never reached, in 2013 the project of development of the field Jofeyr has been closed. Currently, the website of the state company “Belorusneft” Iran is not only not mentioned in the list of her international projects, but in the section “future projects”.