Shoigu presented the new commander of the airborne troops

Head Minoborony Sergei Shoigu handed Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov standard of the airborne forces and provided it to staff, reports “Interfax”.

As said Shoigu, the decree of President Vladimir Putin of the appointment of Serdyukov was signed on 4 October

Shoigu called the General Serdyukov, “a competent leader and skilled organizer,” which was “all major command and staff positions from the commander of the reconnaissance platoon to the commander of the 12th reserve of the southern military district”. According to the Minister, the 12th reserve “effectively perform responsible tasks in the South-Western strategic direction”.

What tasks are performed headed by Serdyukov Association, Shoigu said.

Serdyukov, in his turn, said that he would support the glorious traditions of the airborne troops, “imbued with patriotism, selfless devotion, indomitable will”, reports “Interfax”.

Serdyukov’s predecessor, Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov was elected to the state Duma under lists “an United Russia” and head of the Duma Committee on defense.