The CNN poll showed the victory of Clinton in pre-election debates

The candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton won the last debate, according to the survey by CNN in conjunction with ORC.

American viewers expressed a preference for Clinton with 57%, her opponent from the Republican party, Donald trump scored 34%.

Business Insider, citing data from CNN, notes that 63% of respondents said that trump in this debate were better than they expected. The margin of error was 4 percentage points

During these debates the presidential candidates the United States often exchanged barbs at each other. Trump has threatened Clinton prison in case of his election victory. Clinton accused his opponent in his attitude to women. She reiterated that he was not able to become us President.

In addition, during the debate, the two sides discussed Russia. The candidate from Democrats has accused Moscow of trying “to destroy in Aleppo.” Clinton urged “to investigate war crimes Russia and the Syrian regime” and called for the establishment of no-fly zones. In addition, Clinton pointed to the need “to put pressure on Russia” and to work with “partners on the ground.”

Trump, in turn, said that he knows nothing about Russia and has no ties. However, he noted that he would like to cooperate with Moscow in the fight against “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and banned).

During the first debate, which was held on September 27, the victory, Clinton gave 62% of respondents. After trump spoke 37% of Americans polled. Then the candidates for US President were arguing about the economy, a political crisis in the middle East and racial discrimination. During the first debate, Clinton and trump also discussed Russia. Then the Republican candidate expressed the opinion that the Russian authorities are not involved in hacking attacks on services Democrats.

“We don’t want to use the instruments we have, do not want to use these other military ways, but we will protect the citizens of this country, and the Russians must understand this,” said Clinton.

The next debate must go on 29 October. The choice of the President of the United States on the 8th of November.