The rate of decline of the car market in Russia has slowed sharply

In September 2016, were sold in Russia 125 568 thousand new cars and light commercial vehicles, which is 10.9% or 15,375 thousand, less than the first month of autumn 2015, the report of the Association of European businesses (AEB).

Compared with August, the fall market has seriously slowed in the previous month, new car sales fell just 18%, which was the second largest failure of the year. To surpass this record in sellers this year was only in January, when sales fell from 29.1%.

The result of September, although confirmed the continuation of negative dynamics, but still was the best from April 2016 (-8,5%). Besides, in September the total number sold since the beginning of the year in Russia machines finally exceeded one million. In January—September the country was sold 1 million 20 thousand 932 car that in AEB consider it a good sign.

“The market has finally topped the level of 1 million vehicles. This may not be what we were hoping to get to this point, but more than the predictions of the pessimists for the whole year”, — said Chairman of the AEB automobile manufacturers Committee Joerg Schreiber.

So what will be the sale in the remaining months of 2016, according to Schreiber, depends on the faith of potential buyers in the preservation of government programs to support the automotive market, including the trade-in program.

“Those who suggest that the end of the program close, can speed up the decision about the purchase. If most would think this way, the demand for new cars may increase”, — said the expert.

Earlier, the AEB predicted that by the end of 2016 in Russia will be sold 1.44 million new cars. It’s worse than it was in the crisis year of 2009 (1.47 million), but even such a negative Outlook now appears overly optimistic. That prediction has come true, sales of cars in Russia in comparison with last year should fall approximately 10.3%, but in the first nine months of 2016 they decreased by 14.4% (January—September 2015 year in Russia has sold 1,193 million cars).

A leader in the Russian market in September 2016 left AVTOVAZ. Sales of Lada cars year-on-year increased by 5% to 22,837 thousand Took second and third places Hyundai and KIA have reduced sales by 6% and 17% respectively.

Formally, the main outsiders of the month have become such brands as SsangYong (minus 95%), Geely (minus 85%) and Chrysler (minus 83%). Among the brands the worst result was shown by Chevrolet (minus 56%) and Mitshubishi (minus 52%).

Car sales Alfa Romeo at lower base has doubled (from 4 to 8 pieces), doubled sales of Jaguar (from 102 to 211). Other luxury brands have shown multidirectional dynamics: sales of Cadillac have increased by 61% (from 54 to 87), Lexus — 51%, while sales of Infiniti and Porsche declined by 15% and 21% respectively.

In the mass segment to increase sales in addition to AVTOVAZ are Renault (plus 1% to 10,474 thousand), Toyota (+18%, to 8419), Volkswagen (+3% to 7 thousand), and several other brands.

Among the models was a major bestseller of the Russian market by the end of September once again became a KIA Rio, though its sales at an annual rate fell by more than a quarter (8 thousand units) Into second place went to Lada Granta (minus 9%, 7815 PCs), the third retreated Hyundai Solaris (minus 40.9 percent 6498 machines), which comes on the heels of the new Hyundai Creta in September in Russia has sold 5058 of these machines.