“Rosneft” has eliminated the contradictions in the positions of Putin and Sechin

“Rosneft” fully supports the position of President Vladimir Putin, who on 10 October called the reduction of oil production the only solution to preserve the stability of world energy, said Vice President and spokesman oil company Mikhail Leontyev.

“There is no contradiction in the company’s position and the position of the President can not be”, — he said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). Leontev said that “Rosneft” fully supports “the efforts of the state and the President, which by its application would substantially raise the oil prices out-of-reach concrete agreements”.

The press Secretary also added that in the case of Russia’s accession to the agreement by OPEC to limit oil production Rosneft “in the framework of optimization of the investment policy will find a way and opportunities to meet their obligations”, transfers “Interfax”.

President Vladimir Putin said at the World energy Congress in Istanbul on 10 October said that Russia is ready to accede to the agreement of OPEC to reduce oil production. Putin stressed that in this situation the freezing or reduction of oil production “is perhaps the only correct decision to preserve the stability of the entire global energy”.

Vice-President of LUKOIL Leonid Fedun on Tuesday expressed confidence that Russian oil companies will cut production, if Russia accepts the pledge. “I’m sure everyone will agree” — quoted Fedun Bloomberg.

In turn, Reuters reported that the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin in response to the question whether his company to reduce or freeze the oil, asked: “Why should we do that?” Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Sechin was given without context and in the Kremlin do not see “any contradiction” between the statement Sechin and the position of the President of Russia.